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GUCCI ANCORA – FW24 Men: A Tale of Joy, Passion, and Irreverent Glamour


Amidst the backdrop of Fonderia Carlo Macchi in Milan, the GUCCI ANCORA Fall Winter Men's Collection unfolds as a captivating narrative. It's not just a fashion showcase; it's a story of the joy of life, a celebration of passion, humanity, and the vibrant essence of real life itself.

The collection, Sabato De Sarno's menswear debut for Gucci, embodies irreverent glamour and provocation, exuding confidence in simplicity and eliciting immediate feelings and emotions. It's a canvas painted with a specific type of art – where words come alive in artworks, pictures, and spaces, becoming more than just words; they're expressions of richness, desire, and lust.

In the world of GUCCI ANCORA, colours transcend mere aesthetics. Red, blue, and green play pivotal roles, contributing to a visual feast of flash, spontaneity, and light. Picture a party at the first light of day, an unhidden story proud, manifest, and free from taboo. It's an unabashed celebration, filled with euphoria.

This collection embraces a diverse tapestry of individuals - cool people of all ages captured in Getty images. 

Inclusivity takes centre stage, welcoming everyone into its narrative. It's not just a story of fashion; it's a cinematic journey through Italy, intellectuals, and globetrotting that somehow manages to make you feel at home, wherever you are.

Objects in this narrative aren't just accessories; they are shiny, tactile, and cold to the touch but warm to the heart and soul. They are meant to be collected, not for museums, but to enrich everyday life. The collection unfolds as a story of music and nights out, where sweat, dancing, and singing are integral chapters.

Above all, it's a story of family, accentuated by an abundance of kisses. GUCCI ANCORA doesn't limit itself to one theme; it's a tale of everything, expressed through the lens of pure joy.

For a deeper dive into this captivating narrative, explore the GUCCI ANCORA Fall Winter 2024-5 Men's Collection at GUCCI

Words by Jheanelle Feanny


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