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LOEWE FW24: A Fusion of Hawkins' Kitsch and Anderson's Modern Masculinity


This season viewers stepped into the vibrant realm of LOEWE's FW24 Menswear show, a spectacular collaboration with artist Richard Hawkins, where Spanish luxury meets American iconography. Jonathan Anderson breathes life into Hawkins' work, infusing the collection with kitschy charm and a celebration of modern masculinity. Attendees braced themselves for a journey through a collaged reality that defies formality, welcoming a multitude of characters in a chaotic yet captivating display.

In this enchanting showcase, Anderson seamlessly brings to life the whimsical world of Hawkins. Hawkins, a professor at the University of California, infuses his pop-culture-inspired art with references ranging from celebrities to Greek and Roman statuary. Anderson's pieces radiate kitschiness, celebrating kink with a playful flair. The collection is a testament to over three decades of Hawkins' fascination with the male body, where provocation collides with aesthetics, inspiring this dynamic collaboration.

A Riot of Colours and Textures

Continuing the tradition of vibrant colour schemes, the collection exudes an exuberant use of hues, creating a pop art aesthetic that permeates pop and mass culture. From scaled leather coats to beaded trousers and bags, the pieces showcase intricate detailing and bold, spirited textures. Traditional silhouettes are deconstructed, and clothing becomes a canvas for a riot of colours that mirror Hawkins' vibrant artworks.

As attendees entered the space, digital screens resembling windows showcased brand ambassadors like Jamie Dornan in flirtatious prompts, adding an interactive element to the show. Models walked to a narrative defined by social media feeds, paparazzi shots, and celebrity culture, reflecting on the amplified reality we live in today. Anderson's pieces mirror the levelled-up nature of contemporary existence, breaking away from the ordinary and embracing a palpable restlessness that runs throughout the collection.

The Future of Masculinity:

Anderson's post-show reflections touched on the evolving definition of masculinity, emphasising the "one-piece" look as a symbolic representation. The collection boldly challenges traditional silhouettes where Anderson's vision reflects a foray into crystallised American iconography, where pieces are attached, collaging to create a reality that resonates with the diverse and ever-changing nature of modern masculinity.

LOEWE's FW24 Menswear show is an effervescent fusion of Richard Hawkins' artistic charm and Jonathan Anderson's understanding of modern masculinity. The collection transcends traditional boundaries, inviting you to experience a collaged reality where chaos meets beauty. In this celebration of kitsch, vibrant colours, and bold textures, LOEWE has not just showcased a fashion collection but curated an immersive journey into the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary masculinity.

Words by Jheanelle Feanny


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