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Sasha Keable drops new EP INTERMISSION

British-Colombian musician Sasha Keable has just dropped her first EP in 2 years titled Intermission.

The seven-track project is a masterclass in emotional honesty and classy songwriting and features a collaboration from artist Jorja Smith on the soul-wrenching single Killing Me.

The EP is produced in majority by Essex’s James Smith, who in his own right has amassed over 200m streams, written and produced music for artists Katy B, Sody & Klingande.

Speaking on the release, Sasha explains: "This EP is a reflection on heartbreak, learning to be alone and loving myself, a topic that I’ve never touched on before but is so fitting for where my head is at right now. I’ve never been more honest and true to myself than in this music, and to say the journey has been cathartic would be an understatement. This music has both broken me and healed me in so many ways, and I’ll always be grateful for this Intermission in life.”

Intermission is out now


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