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Tim Chadwick on EP Timothy, and falling in & out of love with ourselves

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Irish musician and rising star Tim Chadwick is about to release his electric new EP Timothy. Following up from his critically acclaimed debut single I Need To Know from 2019, Chadwick has taken the last few years to hone his craft and develop himself as an artist. Born out of a blaze of creativity during the first global lockdown, Timothy is an impressive reflection on loneliness, self-doubt and feeling comfortable in your own presence.

What does your new EP Timothy say about you as an artist?

This EP feels like a reintroduction. Both for those who listen to me, but also for myself. I think it shows who I am as a lyricist. I've tried to hone in on creating tracks that are filled with light pop production but have heavy-hitting lyrics embedded beneath. I enjoy making hard-hitting truths easier to swallow as an artist.

What was the inspiration behind the songs on the EP?

I went from being in a long term relationship to single and alone during a global pandemic in the space of 3 months. A lot of life happened within that timeframe and a lot of relearning had to be done. The EP feels conversational. I had a lot of talking to myself to do. I felt like I was on autopilot for five years and I didn't really see myself or hear myself think until I was single again. No better time than a pandemic to be stuck with a complete stranger, am I right? The EP, therefore, has a cyclical feeling to it. It starts with heartbreak and ends with heartbreak. I wanted to explore the concept that perhaps we will fall in and out of love with ourselves as well as others for our whole lives.

Who are your musical influences, in regards to your sound?

I've been listening to a lot of female trailblazers in music at the moment. Hayley Williams' 2020 album, Petals for Armour, was a huge inspiration for me. I think that's going to be one of those albums that I will have on repeat for the rest of my life. Love what she does and how she does it. Other legends like Maggie Rogers, MUNA, Haim, Caroline Polachek have been on constant repeat. If I was to go for my nostalgia artists of choice I would say, Fleetwood Mac, The Carpenters, and Kate Bush.

Do you feel like you've grown as an artist/person since your debut single release in 2019? If so, how?

Yes, I feel like I've been more certain in how I create. I don't know if it's the imposter syndrome speaking, but my debut single felt like a fluke. So I think I've been trying to figure out how to be confident in what I do and how I do it. This EP and its tracks feel a lot more purposeful and succinct. I know I won't look back at this body of work and think that it landed on my lap. Like I said before, it felt like I had come off auto-pilot, so everything post-breakup feels a lot more clear and purposeful.

Having supported the likes of Mabel and Hudson Taylor on tour, if the pandemic was to disappear overnight and you found yourself headlining a major tour tomorrow, what type of show would you bring to live audiences?

Oh. That's such a tease of a question. I'm sweating at the thought of a show. I need a good dance and cry, much like everyone else at the moment. I think I would try and bring just that. I've got a mix of high energy and more ballad-like songs, so I'd enjoy floating through all those emotions all night with everyone. 'Sad Bangers' is the genre that has been given to my songs, so a show filled with those would be the dream. I would drop everything I own to go on tour with Hayley Williams/Paramore, Robyn, Haim (although...they are just too cool that I don't think I'd be able to function), Maggie Rogers, Troye Sivan, the list really goes on.

EP Timothy is out now

Photographer Zyanya Lorenzo

Interview by Joshua Evans

Subeditor Primrose Jeanton

Editor Jheanelle Feanny


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