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Vasyl' Lomachenko announced as Brand Ambassador for Billionaire

Fashion News

Luxury menswear brand BILLIONAIRE has announced its first International Brand Ambassador in the form of boxing Lightweight Champ Vasyl' Lomachenko.

Image courtesy of Philipp Plein Group

The Ukrainian World Champion whose boxing record is pretty impeccable with 14 wins, and only 1 loss. He now has another accolade to add to his belt in the form of being the eccentric Italian fashion brand's first ambassador with this collaboration.

Image courtesy of Philipp Plein Group

The beginning of this partnership is launched on occasion of the super match "Loma - Crolla" where Lomachenko himself confirmed his world title against Anthony Crolla.  The boxer wore custom Billionaire, an outstanding blue and yellow crocodile gown with embroidered logo and custom created shorts whilst entering the ring.

"It is such an honour to be Ambassador and at the same time, it is such a big responsibility! As the best boxer, I choose the best brand! I hope that our collaboration will bring us many more victories!"  - Vasyl' Lomachenko

The luxury Italian brand rebooted by Philipp Plein continues its expansion existing under Philipp Plein Group, where they continue to create innovative luxury key menswear pieces which, to say the least, are extravagant, pricey and distinct, where mature men across the globe can be confident in exploring who they want to be in a daring way.  

Image courtesy of Philipp Plein Group

"Athletes are the modern rock stars, I love boxing and Loma is one of the best fighters in the world.  I met him for the first time in February in NYC, when he walked our Billionaire fashion show at the Grill, it was an unforgettable show and he was great!  Loma is the perfect match for Billionaire, the King of Boxing for the best contemporary brand for men, conceived for the most demanding self-made men, gentlemen with an unbeatable determination... just like him"

Philipp Plein 

CEO and Founder of Philipp Plein Group 


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