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In Isolation with: Louis Culture

Music News
Louis Culture returns with new project Being Me

South West London artist, Louis Culture, is back on the music scene with his upcoming project Being Me. I got the chance to sit down and hear what Louis has been up to during isolation – uncovering his talents from collaborating with songstress Lava La Rue to producing and hosting monthly club night Provisional License.

Being Me has just dropped. It’s been some time since you last released music, what were you up to during this period? I’ve been busy, I began working on a full-length mixtape but decided I’d start by building 'a stairway' into that instead. That's how I ended up creating this upcoming EP which Being Me is the first single from. I spent a lot of time producing, honing-in on that, and working with Pullen who’s my right hand but also my DJ and produced the majority of the EP with me.   I also started a DJ night with Pullen and Dellon called Provisional License running monthly in West London. Why now for your EP release? We’ve been working on this project for over a year. When COVID-19 hit, my team and I decided to run towards what's going on rather than away from it.  I made the EP thinking about the future and what it would sound like. So, with 2020 taking the turn it has, it’s already evoked a change and is making us all re-evaluate what was previously known.   What’s the theme of your upcoming project, can you tell us a little bit about it? It's very much about revisiting electronic music but specifically, its relationship with Black Britain; paying homage to everything from So Solid Crew and A Guy Called Gerald, to a b2b from DJ Pirate Bay and Manoeuvre Jones set at Momo's

Pullen and I wanted to make a cohesive journey through genres as if you were scrolling through tracks on a USB.

How have you been keeping sane during isolation? Do you think it’s altered your creativity at all? I've just been trying to use this time to reflect and heal. Working on this release with the team has also kept me busy, so I’ve been grateful to have that. I started this meditation app too called Headspace.

As far as creativity goes, I've still been writing but I think it’s put a cap on inspiration a bit – I still try to look on the bright side though! 

If you could choose one album to listen to during lockdown what would it be?

King Krule – Man Alive!

Who was the last person to inspire you?

Hannah Roberts.

Describe your sound in three words...

Compelling, your faveeeee.

Who is your dream collab with?

Stevie Wonder. Tirzah would be sick too.

Random last question, what’s your favourite word?


Photographer Jack Cullis

Interview by Dylan Weller

Being Me is available now


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