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10 things about Morgan

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Image courtesy of Major Toms

Hailing from London, 19-year-old singer-songwriter MORGAN is the latest signing to Rudimental's record label Major Toms - home to Anne-Marie and Ella Henderson. After touring with Rudimental as a vocalist for the last eighteen months, her debut EP is slated for release this year and she has already featured on Rudimental & Preditah's track "Mean That Much". Her first single "My Year" was released on March 5th displaying sultry vocals and catchy lyrics. We sat down with the chanteuse for a quickfire 10 Questions with Vingt Sept.

Favourite place to go on a date?

I absolutely love NANDOS! My boyfriend and I always go there. I’m a medium spice type of girl though - anything hotter literally damages my taste buds! If you're anything below medium spice though it’s a no-no... I also love the escape rooms as you're constantly working things out, even though I’m usually really bad at it!

Who is the person that has inspired you recently?

For me, it’s got to be my brothers Rudimental. They signed me to their record label Major Toms last year and their mentality is incredible. No matter what level of success they reach, they always stay humble. They want to help people, not just by giving people incredible music, but on a personal level too - they care a lot. You can even see it from when they discovered Anne-Marie. They have true faith in artists that are new to the game and they push you to achieve extraordinary things. The level they’ve helped me reach already in terms of my songwriting and live performance is still a shock to me. I appreciate their belief that I will succeed and it makes me want to strive for more. They’re definitely people I look up to and I'd love to follow in the footsteps of them and Anne-Marie.

One album for the rest of your life…what would it be?

Rihanna’s album “ANTI”. The album is so diverse - it lets off night and day vibes. Some songs sound more low-key and dark whilst others are uplifting and bright. The contrast means I can listen to the album no matter what mood I’m in. Rihanna is the artist I grew up listening to the most - she made me want to be an artist. For me, she’s one of the greatest. Also, the fact that she’s been away from music for so long, and has stayed 100% relevant is a big deal! She’s a businesswoman as well as an artist and that’s something I want to achieve. Her work rate is insane!

Dream collaboration?

My dream collaboration would be Rihanna (for all the reasons above) or Roddy Rich. I think he’s insane. His new album "Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial" speaks for itself. He’s organic and real. And I love his music...

Is there a dance that you remember being popular from when you were growing up?

Ooo... There were a few! The dab was definitely one of them - I'd say that’s the one that stayed a trend for the longest and it’s still pretty hot now in 2020. Drake's classic "Hotline Bling" dance was another. Rich Homie Quan's “Ooh” was also another dance that went viral when I was growing up. It popped off Vine, which eventually got shut down.

Favorite cocktail?

My favourite cocktail is a Pornstar Martini. However, the Prosecco shot that comes with it is not for me!. I also love a Mojito - I tasted one for the first time in Cuba and it was life-changing. My sweet tooth probably also explains my love for Pornstar Martinis and Mojitos.

Unforgettable live performance you’ve watched?

The most unforgettable performance I’ve seen has to be Rihanna’s “ANTI” tour in 2016. I remember as she came on stage she walked through the audience and I was at the barrier, literally spitting distance from her. As a diehard Rihanna fan that was a huge deal for me. I love the way she carries herself on stage - she just owns it. You can see there’s not one thing in the world stopping her from doing what she loves.

What trend (that you see happening right now) will achieve longevity?

TikTok is definitely the trend of the younger part of my generation. However, you can see the elders are really starting to get the hang of it! ALL the kids are on it. I reckon it'll stay popular for quite a while.

3 artists, that you relate to?

Rihanna - For her performance and musical style. She incorporates a lot of her Caribbean roots into her music and delivery (I'm part Caribbean myself).

Anne-Marie - This is not only because we were both discovered by Rudimental, but genuinely she’s one of the most, down to earth artists I’ve met and her personality shows through her music - that’s how people relate to you and that’s how I relate to her.

Beyoncé - I relate to her performances. When I see her perform, I’m like “WOW, how is she not out of breath?” She’s trained so hard and mastered her craft. I want to get to that place.

One item you couldn’t live without?

It's awful but I can't live without my phone! Everyone tells me I’m always on it... One day I think I’m going to go on holiday and leave it in London just to have a detox. It's with me everywhere I go but my excuse is that I need it for business purposes... That’s what I tell myself anyway!

My Year is out now

Interview by Dylan Weller


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