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The 5 Fitness Apps: to help you stay healthy during lockdown

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It's now day 1008 (just kidding) since we have been confined to social distancing and with gyms locked and outdoor physical activity limited to 1 hour per day, staying in is the new going out. BBC archive has managed to resurrect the fitness career of Tony Britt and we're here for it! For those of you limiting your outdoor activities and facing infinite boredom, we've narrowed down 5 of the best Editor approved fitness apps that specialise in nourishing the mind, body, and soul, alongside catering to your limited-space fitness needs.

Frame Fitness

The stylish gym has now launched its Frame Fitness online platforms bringing your favourite work out routines to your home. This will include weekly Facebook and Instagram live-action and a range of classes to keep you trim and toned in the comfort of your home. The classes include Dance Cardio, Bend it Like Barbie and the cool 80's Aerobics. If you're a member or already have a Frame Fitness package/card these will all be frozen until the gym doors open again.

Prices start from £6 per month

The Sculpt Society

A firm favourite of supermodels Karolina Kurkova, Sofia Richie and actresses Elsa Hosk and Busy Philipps the number one dance and sculpting workout by Megan Roop has a range of dance-based workouts for you to Jazz to in your living room created for the non-dancer. The moves have been designed to simplify dance cardio whilst using your own body to create lean, strong body core strengthening.


Based on scientific studies this Malmö based startup app is designed to improve well-being as well as increase your fitness level. The app allows users to set their goals and fitness level and the creators take care of the rest. The aim is to do 7 minutes of daily exercise using a range of different exercises for 30 seconds with 10 seconds of rest between each segment. The workout routines range from the Apple Butt - consisting of 12 exercises to achieve the prettiest and pert toosh and the Freestyle Workout giving you control of what workouts you choose to do.

Yoga Wakeup

The aim is to replace your wakeup alarm with a gentle audio-guided Yoga workout and meditation in bed, to give each morning that relaxing and happier start we all crave! The idea is to wake us up with gentle yoga, gradually, which brings less snoozing and more smiling, all before 8 a.m. This app is perfect for those of us who are not morning people. There are also some cool tips on the company blog to help you create a sanctuary within the home and tips on how to kick stress during lockdown.

You Are Your Own Gym

The brainchild of author Mark Lauren offers 10-week fitness programs. This app is designed for those who are seeking a personal trainer-esque form of workout. Mark with a former military career and various trophies, teaches you the art of using your body weight as a training tool, with over 200 forms of workout routines and exercises accessible in one tap.

Words by Jheanelle Feanny


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