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Benedict Cumberbatch supports creatives and healthcare workers to fight COVID-19

From the 14th April Vingt Sept will donate 30% of sales from the digital edition of the magazine to the S+FPHub

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the public has witnessed the daily struggle faced by NHS and HSE workers fighting the pandemic, particularly when it comes to the difficulties they face when turning up to work, knowing that they may not have sufficient PPE.

The government speaks on this issue every day, however, there is clearly an issue with supply and demand. This leaves healthcare professionals in a position where they are placing their lives, their patients and the lives of their loved ones on the line; this correlates with reports of hospital managers placing pressure on these frontline workers to continue working whilst potentially signing their own death sentence.

As a former A&E nurse, I know the struggle of shortages within the NHS when it comes to medication and equipment. But why have Britain, a country with such economic wealth, had difficulties with providing PPE alongside ventilators? This should have been prioritised, as healthcare professionals require this equipment in order to try and fight the virus head-on whilst protecting their patients and themselves. Dr. Chowdhury a Consultant Urologist recently died age 53 after contracting coronavirus. Just 5 days before he was admitted to hospital Dr. Chowdury had appealed for "appropriate PPE and remedies" to "protect ourselves and our families".

From the 14th April, we have pledged to support The Scrub + Face Protection Hub (S+FPHub) - who are currently helping with the fight, to produce PPE, in the form of visors, face masks and gowns to frontline workers at no cost. 30% of all sales from the current digital edition of Vingt Sept Magazine will be donated to S+FPHub in order to help with their increasing demands. The organisation although new, is led by medical professionals and creatives across the country with actor Benedict Cumberbatch and Adam Ackland’s SunnyMarch Production kindly donating an initial cash injection to get the ball rolling and to help with the set-up costs including the hub’s website, hardware, and materials.

Who are they and what are they doing?

The Scrub + Face Protection Hub (S+FPHub) is formed of Palliative Care Doctor Ruth Freedman, Artists Rugman and Schoony and a collection of healthcare professionals, creatives and solicitors. Together this collective of doctors, nurses, creatives, and film & television industry figures, have set up production to provide hospitals and communities across the country with PPE (including 3D printed visors and machine sewn face masks) for NHS + HSE workers to continue to work safely and fight COVID-19 efficiently.

How does this work?

S+FPHub have an order form on their website where NHS and HSE employees can make a direct order for the equipment they need until the government orders arrive. This not only provides a solution to those on the frontline but also alleviates any distress they have been feeling when coming to work. This also prevents the re-use of equipment when there is a shortage. S+FPHub understands the challenges faced as they have nurses and doctors within the team informing the production and need alongside the government advice provided to the nation.

Why is it important to donate or volunteer?

The S+FPHub has received an overwhelming response with orders from healthcare and social care organisations and will need further financial support to meet the increasing demands. The current supply these organisations have is very tight and it is imperative that the stock is maintained whilst we continue to fight COVID-19. So far over 3,000

face visors and over 1,500 face masks have been ordered since the hub was set up over a week ago, to major hospitals and healthcare professionals across the country.

Please donate what you can to the current Gofundme page in order to continue to support our health care professionals.


For more information click here S+FPHub

30% of all Digital Genesis Issue sales will be donated to the S+FPHub

Words by Jheanelle Feanny


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