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Brunello Cucinelli Launches AW22 Menswear Collection


Brunello Cucinelli release their Autumn Winter 2022 Collection in Milan. The collection is inspired by an ever-transforming urban world, a crossroads where different ideas of daily style intersect, where culture branches out from tradition according to modern-day needs, welcoming freedom and at the same time embracing the past.

Like a journey, style and occasion mutually influence each other and elegance always reflects the balance required to evolve. Harmonised by timeless neutrals such as refined hues of beige, grey and blue, new colours come to the fore to convey an enterprising, fresh and bright style. The energy of carrot oranges and pomegranate reds, the charm of lime and eucalyptus greens, the soothing sensations of light water and cornflower blues – all the colours express intensity and elegance, enriching textures and patterns, highlighted by the season’s sophisticated knitwear techniques.

Comfort, dynamism and softness are values that underpin all fabrics and volumes, striking the perfect balance between elegance and ease. Starting from the sartorial shapes of the blazer, all elements express an enveloping feel, with soft lines that combine a contemporary vision and refined style. New coats and peacoats merge the prestige of elegant sartorial lines with modern leisure taste. Outerwear and down jackets with enveloping and longer lines become more relevant in the creation of outfits. The soft and modern volumes of trousers play an increasingly important role in defining the style of an outfit, renewing classic sartorial models in the sporty manner of denim.

Brunello Cucinelli undertook detailed research when choosing materials and fabrics of the highest quality, aiming to ensure the utmost comfort and lightness whilst at the same time maintaining each fabric’s identity, the traditional values of its texture and the unique character of its fibers. Cashmere and superfine wools meet exquisite baby camel fibers whilst precious suedes and nappa leathers join lightweight shearlings in a variety of appearances.

Patterns add a refined style to the fabrics in the collection: classic chalk stripes go hand in hand with new interpretations of tweed, houndstooth and Prince of Wales – introducing colours with refined effects to build subtle and chromatic harmonies. Corduroy is also brought to the forefront, renewed with brand new délavé effects, which enrich the colours and enhance the textured appearance.

With its comfortable, relaxed and distinctive appearance, knitwear is the beating heart of the collection, filtering through its many categories including down jackets, travel wear and footwear. Soft knitted surfaces revolutionise the style of down jackets and elevate travel wear. Knitwear introduces colour expressions, pure or combined with neutrals, together with special yarns that enrich textures with a tweed effect. Wardrobe classics in all their forms offer something for every occasion whilst innovative garments are the result of new approaches to tradition: chiné and vanisé techniques, jacquard inlays, embroidery and combinations of stitches result in different textures that replace patterns, always in a refined, harmonious and contemporary manner.

The role accessories play in expressing a distinctive style, a fully-fledged lifestyle is always growing. Prized materials and workmanship instil continuity that is harmoniously in line with the clothing. Lightness and comfort remain the main objective of every element. The footwear collection develops the new models in a balanced way in the wake of English tradition and the proposal inspired by a sporty taste and outdoor style. Varieties of capsules build important bridges between the two worlds and offer new solutions for the evolution of contemporary elegance.

For more information visit Brunello Cucinelli


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