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Chelsea Collins talks Hot Topics, Trolls and Britney ahead of new single Water Run Dry


Bay Area-born producer, classical pianist, guitarist, and songwriter Chelsea Collin’s lyrics are dizzyingly melodic, all while paying homage in her beats to production idols Max Martin and Kanye West. Visually speaking, Chelsea’s signature continues to captivate audiences through her characters and alluring visuals for her music videos.

Water Run Dry is the latest release where Collins collaborates with rapper and singer 24kGoldn. The bopping pop tune has already permeated 4.5M streams and soundtracked over 31 thousand TikTok creates.

In the colour-popping modern Barbie-meets-ken style music video (directed by Roxana Baldovin who has directed visuals for Doja Cat, Kehlani, Lil Uzi Vert), the pretty-

but-different song crafter characterizes the perfect life of a made-to-perfection doll.

Hey Chelsea, Water Run Dry is such a fun video, how did the concept come about and what was it like working with director Roxanna Baldovin (whose worked on epic videos for Dojacat and Lil Uzi Vert)?

She is a genius! I said 4 words and an aesthetic to my creative director and based off of that her mind created such an amazing direction. She rocks and we stan!!!

It’s said your influences are Troll dolls and Goth aesthetics, how come?

Maybe I’m just forever stuck inside 2002 but I’ve been collecting Trolls (dolls) since I was little and I definitely was a Hot Topic kid with the side bangs and angsty attitude. My youth takes me to such a euphoric place so I try to remember the person I was as a kid and use that same go-getter attitude.

Tell us the top three songs on loop in your current playlist?

Runaway by Kanye West, Water Run Dry STREAM IT NOW HEHE, and Save Your Tears by The Weeknd.

What was it like growing up in the Bay Area, and do you think that YouTube is still as powerful for discovering new talent as it once was?

It was definitely weird because I had years of playing outside at the park but then the dinosaur computers started to take over and every kid became obsessed with Club Penguin and RuneScape instead of playing outside. It was nice to get the best of both worlds, but yes I do think YouTube is still very powerful because it’s such an amazing creative outlet and you can have so much reach, it allows your fans to see into your visual world.

Tell us about why Britney Spears is so important to you?


Photographer Quinn Tucker

Words by Jheanelle Feanny

Water Run Dry is out now

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