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Dior AW24: A Contemporary Ode to the 1960s Chic


In a mesmerising blend of history and haute couture, Maria Grazia Chiuri, the creative force behind Dior, orchestrates a sartorial symphony that pays homage to the illustrious Catherine Dior. As Monsieur Dior's sister, Catherine embodies strength, independence, and a fervent commitment to the florist trade, making her an enduring muse for Chiuri's collections. Joana Vasconcelos, captivated by stories of empowered women, envisioned Catherine Dior as a Valkyrie—a symbol of creative freedom and bold femininity.

The runway at the Jardin des Tuileries transformed into a spectacle of artistic collaboration, thanks to the partnership with Indian artist Shakuntala Kulkarni. Her exploration of the female body and its relationship to various spaces added a captivating dimension to the show's visual narrative.

Transporting us back to the revolutionary 1960s, a pivotal era for Dior marked by the introduction of the first ready-to-wear line, Miss Dior, Maria Grazia Chiuri drew inspiration from the designs of Philippe Guibourgé, the line's entrusted designer. Embodying freshness, youth, and creativity, the collection featured short coats, shift dresses, embroidered shorts, and pleated skirts adorned with beads and sequins—a testament to Dior's enduring style.

The 1960s spirit once again comes alive with nods to the Miss Dior collection, embracing relaxed tailoring and ladylike shapes adorned with iconic 'Miss Dior' graffiti. White knee-high boots, free-flowing A-line skirts, polo necks, berets, and checked prints take centre stage, reminiscent of the fashion revolution sparked by that era. The colour palette, a restrained yet impactful selection of navy, black, white, beige, leopard print, and denim, echoed the sophistication of the 1967 collection.

Departing from the formalities of the New Look, the collection introduces leather and checked bomber jackets, trenches, and knee-length coats with dropped shoulders, showcasing a harmonious blend of function and fashion. An innovative touch includes jackets with removable gilets, offering versatility throughout the season. Evening dresses embraced simplicity, featuring plain silhouettes paired with thong sandals, exuding an effortless elegance.

The footwear perhaps stole the spotlight, with flat over-the-knee boots and low-heeled options, embellished with gold studs. Even the more daring choices, such as patent boots with gladiator detailing and golden ball-style heels, add a touch of risqué glamour to the collection. This season Dior effortlessly captured the essence of the 1960s while reinventing it for the modern woman—a celebration of timeless style, creative freedom, and the indomitable spirit of Catherine Dior.

Words by Jheanelle Feanny


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