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Disrupting Borough Yards: Lone Design Club's Quiet Luxury Revolution


Throughout April and May the Lone Design Club known for their exquisite taste in curating some of the most unique designers, returned for their pop-up, and this time the location was none other than London's brand spanking new penny: Borough Yards.

Lone Design Club (LDC) burst onto the scene in 2018, revolutionising retail with their dynamic short-term concept stores. Popping up for just 1-2 weeks at a time, first in London and then across the globe, these unique shops offer an immersive shopping experience. Designers are on hand to share the captivating stories behind their creations, giving you an exclusive peek into the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into every piece.

LDC’s pop-ups have earned a stellar reputation, playing a pivotal role in the success of brands like Studio Pia. To date, they’ve hosted over 75 pop-up boutiques and empowered more than 800 brands worldwide to reach the discerning quiet luxury market. Through these dynamic events, LDC has created invaluable connections between innovative designers and their consumers, fostering a thriving community of luxury craftsmanship.

Borough Yards, nestled in the heart of London Bridge's Borough Market, is a revitalised hub for shopping, dining, and culture. The latest and final addition, Stonecutters Lane, introduces a vibrant array of independent retailers, all dedicated to sustainability and high-quality design. For many of these brands, Borough Yards will be their first physical standalone stores in the UK, marking an exciting new chapter in their journey.

The elegant design, crafted by renowned London-based architect and design studio SPPARC (known for the £1bn Olympia project and the Golden Hinde museum), beautifully blends the area’s industrial heritage with contemporary flair. The stunning atrium floods the space with natural light, while the Victorian brickwork adds a timeless charm. This architectural masterpiece not only honours the history of the location but also introduces a touch of modern sophistication.

We began our morning with a serene sound bath at Stonecutters Lane, where the sunlight streamed in, bringing balance to our chakras—a perfect start to the day that highlighted the new lane's beauty.

Afterwards, we explored the designers featured on the lane, including Malin & Goetz. Their innovative products, suitable for all skin types, tones, and genders, are also cruelty-free. The new store is a tribute to their New York Chelsea roots, celebrating 20 years since the brand's inception.

Next, we wandered through the various boutiques, browsing the shelves and even meeting the founders and designers behind each brand. A standout for us was & Wolf, founded by Katrina Wolf, who is on a mission to promote healthy hair in a uniquely sustainable way. Her line of natural curlers and scrunchies, made from retail deadstock and cotton, allows you to ditch hot tools and reduce your environmental footprint. Available in several colourways, we tested the curlers on a long-haul flight to the Maldives—they were lifesaving, time-efficient, and utterly glamorous.

Next up is SOWVITAL, founded by Jack Lewis, who is redefining plant care. Jack’s innovative approach goes beyond houseplants, offering a unique line of products, including candles. We tested his House Plant Elixir on our store-bought roses, and just a few drops kept them in full bloom for an impressive 13 days.

Sknfed is a family business specialising in natural, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free skincare products. Their exquisite packaging, made from organic Kraft paper, complements a product line that ranges from facial soap bars to luxurious body butter and serums for all skin concerns, including acne. Sknfed prides itself on transparency, holistic practices, and natural ingredients, championing a movement toward mindful self-care and a more sustainable world.

These are just a few of the amazing brands showcased, we also enjoyed a little spiritual guidance from a clairvoyant.

LDC is keeping the summer vibes alive with their ongoing pop-ups throughout the rest of 2024. Don't miss out on their exciting interactive events happening across the city, including the Sip & Shop and Summer Oasis at London's Westfield Shopping Centre W12. Keep an eye out for these must-visit experiences!

For more information and events visit Lone Design Club

words by Jheanelle Feanny


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