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Dual Delight: Unveiling the Allure of NH Collection with Milano's Diverse Retreats - NH City Life and NH Collection Touring Milan


Milan – a city where history, fashion, and innovation converge, will always hold special memories for many. As the beating heart of Italy's Lombardy region, Milan stands at the forefront of cultural dynamism, boasting iconic landmarks, trendsetting fashion districts, and a culinary scene that tantalises the taste buds. Each year, Milan beckons visitors with a tapestry of events, from world-class exhibitions to cutting-edge design showcases. Whether you're drawn to the storied corridors of art museums, the chic boutiques of Quadrilatero della Moda, or the thriving tech hubs, Milan promises an immersive journey that transcends expectations. But to soak in the allure of Milan this year it is always best to choose a great base and we have two very distinct offerings, where tradition and modernity intertwine, creating an atmosphere of timeless charm and contemporary excitement.

Let's start with NH CityLife

Nestled in the heart of the futuristic CityLife district, NH Collection Milano CityLife, a 4-star hotel effortlessly blends the charm of a former church with the allure of modern luxury.

As you step off the train at Portello station, the hotel's iridescent white exterior and towering 13-story structure command attention, proudly announcing its 'Made in Italy' statement. This imposing building, crafted from the structure of the deconsecrated Church of Christ the King, preserves the city's artistic heritage. The Latin cross floor plan, original wooden doors, and gilded organ-like details in the reception create a sense of grandeur and verticality, reflecting Milanese cultural tradition.

With 185 rooms, including ten duplex suites with terraces boasting stunning city views, the hotel invites guests into a world of 'Made in Italy' excellence. Italian lighting, vintage fashion photography, and meticulous design details showcase the perfect harmony of old-world charm and modern comfort.

The hotel's strategic location, just 100 meters from Portello station, offers a view of the Three Towers of the City Life complex and the skyscrapers of the Garibaldi district from the 9th-floor terrace. Formerly a trade fair district, now transformed into a fashion hub, the hotel's soul retains a unique essence, making it an ideal spot for both leisure and business.

For business travellers, the NH Group has incorporated six spacious meeting rooms into the structure, accommodating up to 520 people. This, coupled with the proximity to Europe's largest convention centre, MiCo halls, positions the hotel as an excellent choice for business events.

Beyond business, the hotel offers a large private garden, a rooftop solar power system, and a 24/7 gym equipped with trendy Technogym machines. The top floor boasts an exclusive rooftop with a pool and The District cocktail bar, transforming into a Milanese nightlife hotspot as the sun sets.

Guests are provided the opportunity to immerse themselves in Milan's tailoring history at Tailors restaurant, where Chef Gabriele Grisolia combines traditional, new, and avant-garde cuisine, celebrating Italian culinary traditions. Sustainability takes centre stage with locally sourced ingredients, reflecting a commitment to quality.

Wake up from the most comfortable slumber to the hallmark NH Collection breakfast, enjoyed in the large hotel garden, as CityLife invites you to experience Milan's vibrant fusion of history, innovation, and hospitality in every moment of your stay.

NH Collection Milano Touring: Your Gateway to Vibrant Milan

In the heart of Milan, adjacent to the lush Indro Montanelli Park, NH Collection Milano Touring stands as an epitome of style, convenience, and contemporary luxury. When choosing where to stay in Milan, this unique hotel emerges as a top choice for those seeking everything at their feet, offering an unparalleled experience in the heart of the action.

Embark on a Historic Odyssey

Nestled a mere 15 minutes away from the historic city centre, the NH Collection Milano Touring places you on the threshold of Milan's captivating history. As you step out of the hotel, you're greeted by a city that whispers tales of bygone eras through its architectural marvels and winding streets. Each stride becomes a journey through time, a chance to connect with Milan's storied past.

Picture yourself taking a leisurely 10-minute stroll to the world-renowned Gallery of Modern Art. This is not just a walk; it's a curated journey through Milan's artistic soul. The gallery becomes your personal sanctuary, where the strokes of masterpieces create a symphony of creativity. Whether you're an art connoisseur or someone seeking inspiration, this iconic gallery is your playground.

Immerse Yourself in Milan's Cultural Symphony

The hotel transforms your stay into a cultural extravaganza. Its strategic positioning ensures that you're not merely an observer but an active participant in Milan's dynamic cultural scene. From the grandeur of historical landmarks to the contemporary expressions at the Gallery of Modern Art, every corner of the city's cultural kaleidoscope is within arm's reach.

Craft Your Unique Milanese Experience

Whether you are fueled by a passion for history, captivated by art, or simply crave the atmospheric charm of the city, the NH Collection Milano Touring caters to your desires. This isn't just a hotel; it's your base camp for crafting a unique Milanese experience. Your desires and Milan's cultural treasures converge seamlessly, creating a narrative that is exclusively yours.

Design That Inspires

The hotel is not just a place to stay; it's a design-forward experience. Boasting 275 spacious rooms that seamlessly blend classic and contemporary design elements, guests are presented with a choice that suits their individual tastes. Parquet or carpeted floors, complimentary WiFi, and air conditioning create an ambience of comfort and sophistication. Some rooms feature LCD TVs, adding a touch of modernity to the classic charm.

Rooms also boast a minibar fridge, and coffee/tea-making facilities ensure you have everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable visit. Unwind in the shower or wrap yourself in a cosy bathrobe, enjoying the thoughtful details that make NH Collection Milano Touring a true home away from home.

Cool Vibes and Culinary Delights

What sets NH Collection Milano Touring apart is not just its location and design but also the cool vibes it exudes. Start your day with a generous breakfast spread that caters to every palate. For lunch and dinner, delight your taste buds with a menu featuring classic Italian dishes and international cuisine. The restaurant's atmosphere is elevated by serving a traditional Milanese aperitif before dinner, providing an authentic taste of the local culture.

Both of these NH Collection hotels offer visitors to the city a unique viewpoint for a Milanese adventure, where one can immerse themselves in a world where prime location, inspired design, cool vibes, and contemporary comforts converge to create an unforgettable experience. Whether you're here for business or leisure, both hotels are a gateway to the best Milan has to offer.

Photographer Marcello Ferri

Words by Jheanelle Feanny


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