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In Isolation with: Taura

Taura is an unorthodox talent being the full and only force behind her music, as a singer and multi-instrumentalist. Not only does she solely write her music but she produces her tracks entirely herself - doing the girls proud in a male dense profession. Her debut EP Lucky Girls was released completely independently and quickly amassed just shy of 500,000 streams. 

The video for Lucky Girls was directed by Oscar Award-winning filmmaker Moon; with it being the first and only music video to be directed by Moon, who is extremely particular with his projects but felt an imminent connection to Taura and her music. 

Where are you isolating right now? 

I’ve been isolating at my flat in London with my boyfriend. I feel really lucky as I’m quite used to spending my days sitting in a dark room making music, so I don’t feel completely uprooted like a lot of people. Although I am wishing there was somewhere I could soak up some of this sun!

How are you keeping yourself sane during this period of social distancing?

Well, I’m writing a lot of music which I guess is predictable! I’m also, in my opinion, slowly becoming a chef. Don’t think I’ve ever cooked so much in my life! Loving the cooking, hating the washing up. I tried to jump on the jigsaw trend but I lost my final piece, I was so angry that I’ve vowed never to do one again!

You write and produce your own music, has this been a good period to work on some new material? 

This has been a great time to work on new material. I was a little annoyed as I was supposed to have just come home off a writing trip that was, of course, postponed, however, I’ve ended up writing so much at home that I’m not sure it was necessary in the first place! Before lockdown, I had been writing a lot with other producers and artists, which I have absolutely loved and it has really allowed me to creatively expand, I’m definitely looking forward to getting back to it. But this period of time has allowed me to get back to writing and producing all my own work and has pressed me to work on my skills as a producer, that I have really loved. Sometimes I think restrictions can force you down a more creative road.

Have you learned any new skills during this time? 

I’m definitely working on my production skills every day and trying to improve. I’ve also been trying to practice piano every day… but I can’t say I’ve really stuck to that plan! Oh and I finished a Rubix cube (only took a month!) can I count that as a new skill?

How has this period changed your plans for releasing music/videos/content? 

Well we had a bit of a plan set for releasing music, and I would say we are still roughly trying to stick to that plan, however, it is just a lot more fluid than before. Nobody really knows what is going to happen next in a situation like this so we are trying to be flexible. I’m writing a lot of new music that is probably more relevant to the current situation and my feelings, so I think the order in which I will release the new tracks will likely be changing a lot. I’ve felt quite inspired during this time, so I guess it’s a little bit about postponing the initial ideas, and leading with the music that feels more relevant to me right now.

What is the first thing you will do/place you will go to when this is all over? 

I want to go to a beer garden with all my sisters and friends and my parents, and drink white wine with them in the sun. And HUG them!

Once things are back to normal and concerts can be held, who is the first artist/band you would like to see live? 

I’m desperate to see Victoria Monet live. I love her voice so much and I’d love to see how she performs with a live audience. Her music is so fun and sexy and easy to move to, and I think that’s what we all need a bit of right now!

Do you have any recommendations for new artists for our audience to listen to? 

Joesef. He writes, records, and produces all his own music and his voice is seriously soothing. He’s doing ridiculously well considering he only started releasing music last year, and you can hear for yourself why. Definitely one to watch!

What would you say your influences are and are there any other artists that inspire you? 

I feel influenced and inspired by so many different artists and styles, but if I had to narrow it down to a few, I would probably say my biggest are Banks, Snoh Aalegra, H.E.R., and producer D’mile. Lyrically I feel very inspired by Banks, I think she is such a great storyteller, and every time I listen to one of her tracks I can pick out a new great lyric I hadn’t really taken in before. I love the jazz-influenced chilled vibe Snoh Aalegra constantly creates and I think she creates vocal melodies that manage to balance the track and highlight each part so well. H.E.R really just inspires me to vocally sound as effortless as she does when combining her lyrics with the melodies. It flows so well. And D’miles production goes without saying. It’s so sexy and fluid and I hope one day to be able to produce something as naturally cool as that.

Can you recommend some songs we should be adding to our isolation playlist, please? 


Kehlani - Honey. Wake up to this, I promise your day will be better.

Lucky Daye - Karma. Some sexy funk to give you a mood boost!

Photographer Jimi Herrtage


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