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Prada AW24: A Captivating Journey through Fashion's Timeless Tapestry


In a thrilling encore since their January men's show, the dynamic duo of Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons graced Milan Fashion Week with their eagerly awaited AW24 women's collection. Despite the unrelenting rain, editors and guests descended upon Via Lorenzini, craving a glimpse of the innovative designs that awaited. If you weren't among the fortunate attendees, fear not – here's an exclusive dive into everything that unfolded at Prada's AW24 womenswear show.

Deja vu swept the room as the familiar setting of January's men's show emerged, albeit with subtle alterations. The mundane cubicles and desktop computers gave way to a transformed space, leaving only the babbling brook underfoot for the women's showcase.

The Fall/Winter 2024 Prada collection, weaves a tapestry of fashion intertwined with fragments of history. It's a romantic exploration of beauty and a contemporary world shaped by memories, revealing a collection that embraces the past.

The presentation unfolds as a tale of two halves, with looks transitioning dramatically from the front to the back. Double-takes were the order of the day as tweed skirts seamlessly merged into silk slips, punctuated by flashes of neon brightness. The colour palette echoed the menswear show, featuring shrunken knits in contrasting duos. Mrs. Prada's avant-garde touch ensured that even in her pursuit of prettiness, she retained the ability to make the abstract undeniably intriguing.

Simons and Prada maintained a narrow silhouette, injecting a timeless essence into the collection that drew inspiration from various bygone eras. The most unexpected element? Bows. Challenging the current trend, they pondered the persistent allure of bows, frills, and ruffles – questioning their fundamental meaning. The runway also showcased key trends like beaded bags, and knee-high boots, with a ribbon-adorned dress set to grace countless fashion mood boards.

Drawing inspiration from fragments of Prada's storied past and societal dressing, this season introduced a fusion of MiuMiu spirit with bold silks hidden behind structured suits, modern biker jackets, and statement knitwear. It was less about promoting a new style and more about encouraging a playful suspension of favourites, evident in the updated Galleria tote and Cleo bag.

Headwear took centre stage, with a mesmerising array of draped velvet creations reminiscent of turbans and nods to 1950s pheasant feather pillboxes. The return of sea captain hats from the men's show, now adorned with even more feathers, added a whimsical touch. Pillbox hats with feather-like details and 50s-inspired tailoring graced the runway, reinventing classic references in true Prada style. AW24 not only celebrated the past but beckoned fashion enthusiasts to explore their favourites in alternative ways, hinting at the joyous notion of suspension in style evolution.


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