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Professional Make-up Artist Lucy Halperin Reveals Her Skin-Care Routines

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Los Angeles-based make-up artist and groomer Lucy Halperin constantly travels the globe with high profile clients and is no stranger when it comes to bringing fresh beauty looks to your glossy magazines. With clients including Emma Roberts, Kaia Gerber, Jason Bateman, and Dev Patel, we were lucky enough to learn some of the renowned make-up artist's best skincare tips - used on herself and within her work.

Specialising in clean skin and enhancing natural beauty, Lucy reveals some of her

secret skincare products to help you achieve hydrated and clear skin during lockdown.

I’m sure we all feel the same; that our skin right now is stressed, sore (from wearing protective face masks), and a little sallow.

It’s being said that 20 minutes of vitamin D is good for our skin and healthy for our body and mind. So, as someone who doesn’t normally leave the house unless, under a veil of SPF 50, I am giving in and exposing my skin to the recommended amount.

If you don’t have any outside space, sit by an open window and let the sun drench you from there! With all this new-found time, I have been trying and testing the right product to treat my skin with kindness. Here is a list of my latest must-haves that have really been helping hydrate and nourish my skin.

As well as looking after your face let’s not forget the body and hands (especially with all the extra washing and sanitizing).

I’ve compiled a list of my favourites – until we can get to our facials and Botox!

I just started using this at night and love how hydrated my skin feels in the morning. When I apply this, I massage it into my skin for added depth – plus, a 5-minute massage plumps the skin and helps the circulation.

This is a great moisturising spray that I use whenever my skin feels a little dry, you can keep it in the fridge to give your skin that added firmness.

Hand Chemistry ... I'm obsessed with this spay, it’s really nourishing and leaves my skin soft with a lovely sheen. It’s easy to use, no wasted time rubbing it in!

I love this, it's really light on your skin, and takes the traces of the day away without any dehydration.

This pot has been a lifesaver for my stressed skin. I put this on targeted areas and can instantly feel relief.

I use this to get a great deep cleanse yet it’s still very gentle.

Avène SPF ... I use a high factor at all times when I'm out, it doesn’t clog the pores and really leaves it to breathe.

Dior Prestige Face Mask … this is a treat! I leave this sheet on for twice the recommended time and can totally notice and feel a difference. This is pure magic on a sheet. It also has a really generous amount of product, enough to use the excess in the bag for another day – just pop it in the fridge and use later.

Tom Ford Lost Cherry perfume … this scent is really special! I have been followed by people asking what my scent is (not joking). Clearly not going to happen in a lockdown but seeing as I only wear my track pants around the house, at least I can have a little glamour with a TF perfume!

Words by Lucy Halperin


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