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RINI opens up about new EP Ultraviolet


Since the release of his impressive debut EP Constellations, R&B sensation RINI has been on a journey of self-discovery. Ready to showcase a new side to his artistry with his new EP Ultraviolet, the Phillipines-born artist is finally comfortable with change. Describing this new EP as ‘edgy, bold and risk-taking’, fans can expect a deep-dive into the nuances of life and love. RINI speaks with us about his recent sold-out US tour, the fears of signing a record deal at such a young age and his personal aspirations to make a mark on the world.

Hi RINI, how is your year going so far?

My year’s been nothing but blessings, it’s been quite busy but I cannot complain. Everything is looking great right now.

Congratulations on your recent EP Ultraviolet. I read that you considered Ultraviolet to be a risk take for you, can you explain why you felt that way about those particular sets of songs?

Thank you so much! UltraViolet was kind of a little different compared to my previous projects and singles. I love the project nonetheless, I think it was more of me just learning how to be comfortable hearing my voice in a different light.

Your songs explore the nuances of love, is that the sole inspiration for your music? If not, where does inspiration come from for you?

Love is definitely the main inspiration behind a lot of my songs, but it can come from a lot of places for me. Lately, I’ve been learning more about myself and becoming more aware about situations in my life and that’s something that has been inspiring me.

You recently headlined your first solo tour, what was that experience like for you? Are there any standout venues/live shows that will stay with you?

Yes, the tour was like a dream to me. Tour time slowly became my favourite time of the year because it’s just so much fun, especially with the people I was with, it felt like one big family going on a road trip. The fans were my favourite part though, I was always in disbelief when I saw that many people really coming out to watch me perform. The shows that stood out the most were probably Seattle and Boston, their energy was unmatched but I loved every single city that we were in.

Looking back to the release of your debut album Constellations, do you feel like you’ve grown/changed musically since then?

I definitely think my sound has grown from the time I put out Constellations, and it will continue to change but not drastically. I know what my fans love to hear me on and I want to make sure that however different the sound is in the future that they still get that RINI essence.

Who inspires you musically and where does your love for music manifest from?

My Dad was the one that inspired me back when I was a young kid. He loved listening to music and singing and playing. I’m so happy that he introduced me to this musical world that’s given me the chance to express myself and that’s where my love for music manifests from.

You were signed to Warner Records, relatively still young, what was that experience like stepping into the professional music world?

To be honest, it was quite scary. Especially coming from a whole different country. It definitely was some real deal type stuff. But I’m so blessed to have had people with me that helped me through the years and guided me on how to deal with certain business matters.

As a singer/songwriter do you have expectations on where your music will take you?

Yes, definitely. I always aim to connect with the listeners on a level so deep that the song becomes a part of them you know.

Do you have an end goal in mind or something particular you want to achieve as a musician?

I want to leave a positive mark in the world as an artist. I wanna be known as an artist that was not scared to push boundaries and make the best music the world has ever heard. I also want to be able to represent my Filipino Heritage in this industry, be like the Manny Pacquiao of the music scene.

Ultraviolet is out now

Words by Joshua Evans


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