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Stonebwoy on 5th Dimension


Ghanaian Rapper Stonebwoy comes out strong for the release of his latest album, 5th Dimension, with Def Jam Recordings. Known for fusing reggae, dancehall, and sounds from Africa, Stonebwoy has sought to bring out more zest with these new tunes, which push the limits on how far he can take the diversity of African sound to the global stage. In conceptualising the message of Fifth Dimension for his listeners, Stonebwoy hopes that the transmission of love and tenacity will resonate. “Love is very important in these times. More than ever, we need to let go of our egos.”

And it all comes down to intersecting culture; Stonebwoy’s cross-bordering tracks show the rapper’s evolution from when he broke through the glass ceiling back at the BET Awards in 2015. His current tracks, Life & Money featuring Stormzy and More of You, have already made waves for being powerful introductions to the 5th Dimension. Life & Money particularly shows off the result of a powerful collaboration that utilised trap talent, hip-hop and reggae. When asked why he chose Stormzy for this track, he replies, “When I’m creating music, it’s happening, and I’m there from production to the end. Stormz and I already have a vibe, and he was a wonderful fit for this. Other than that, we have known each other since way back in 2015 and have a lot of mad respect for each other’s craft.”

Life & Money, according to the rapper, is a message about struggling to make a living for one’s self amid turmoil, and it couldn’t be more true in current times. Stonebwoy’s take on the 5th Dimension is “feeding the souls of people” through the tenacity of his sound by giving listeners another facet of his continuously growing career. His advice for young artists hoping to break into the industry comes from a perspective of perseverance and spirituality since he started out, fighting to pursue his dream of being a musician, which is by no means an easy feat. As a big believer in GOD, Stonebwoy invites the youth to listen to their inner selves and know that they are chosen but that also needs to be done with hard work. Being an artist, Stonebwoy views music as a duty and mission that he chose every single day of his life. “When it comes to worrying about putting things out there, I don’t, because if I overthink, then nothing good would come out of this and that defeats the purpose of what I’m doing.” In addition to Life & Money and More of You, 5th Dimension also includes Therapy and Far Away. Musicians featured on the album include Shaggy, Mereba, and multi-Grammy® winning Beninese-French artist Angelique Kidjo on the album's closing track, Manodzi.

5th Dimension is out now

Words by Cyan Leigh Dacasin

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