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The Ultimate Myers-Briggs Personality Fragrance Gift Guide


Each year our editors delve deep into the world of fragrances, making sure your festive season shines with the very best. No need for tough decisions or falling for tricky ads. This time, we've made it easy by pairing our top fragrances with 16 different personality types under four main personality domains. 

Ever heard of Myers-Briggs Personality Types? Feeling lost? No need to Google. They're like cool decoders for human behaviour and are split into four different categories. These are Analysts known for being strategic thinkers, Diplomats as empathetic souls, Sentinels as practical organisers, and Explorers as spontaneous adventurers. Each type shows a different side of us.

Our editors have meticulously handpicked scents tailored to speak to the essence of each personality type, making choosing fragrances for your loved one an adventure. These scents aren't just perfumes; they're like mirrors of who we are. They're not just about smelling good; they're about matching who we are on the inside, mirroring our inner selves. This is because fragrance intertwines with memory and emotion, heightening personal experiences. When aligned with one's personality, a fragrance becomes an extension of self-expression, resonating with the core.

So, whether your special someone is curious like Explorers, analytical like Analysts, organised like Sentinels, or caring like Diplomats—each one has a unique story.

So, why choose fragrances based on personality? We feel this is going to be a huge trend for 2024 and that's why we are the first to do it! Gifting scents this Christmas after all, should be about making a gift more than just a present and telling a story through scent. So this Christmas, give more than just a scent—give a piece of someone's identity. We hope this holiday is filled with fragrances that not only please the nose but also speak volumes about the people we love and it has been a pleasure curating this guide for you.

The Analyst 

Analysts, akin to Sherlock Holmes types, excel in detail, creativity, and strategy. With their superpower of detachment, they make methodical decisions, spot crucial details, and navigate choices with precision.

Serious yet cool, they evaluate ideas thoroughly, dissect puzzles, and seek solutions. Thriving in creative roles like architects or authors, Analysts balance creativity and analysis in their careers.

For these sharp minds, choose scents that mirror their precision, creativity, and serious yet cool vibe. Analyst personality types include architects, logicians, commanders, and debaters.

1. The Artchitect - INTJs, thrive on precision and complexity. Imagine fragrances that exude sophistication, structured with intriguing notes—perfect for these strategic thinkers. 

The ROADS Bitter End Parfum (£120) is an excellent match for INTJs. Its intriguing blend of bitter olive, oakmoss, wet bracken (damp earth), and vetiver resonates with their strategic mindset. The sharpness of bitter olive reflects their analytical nature, while oakmoss, wild thyme and wet bracken embody their preference for precision and sophistication. Vetiver's earthy tones align with their depth of thought.

This fragrance complements an INTJ's logical approach, enhancing their sophistication and adding depth to their presence. Its intricate layers and bold yet refined notes resonate with their multifaceted personality, making it a scent that not only aligns with but also elevates their unique traits.

2. The Logician, INTPs - are idea architects, crafting their world through introspection. Fixated on the grand picture and captivated by imaginative concepts, they navigate a maze of ideas, less concerned with tiny details.

For INTPs, decisions follow a logic-fueled journey guided by reason through myriad possibilities. Embracing spontaneity, they dance in the realm of the unexpected, valuing flexibility over rigid plans. In their world, logic reigns supreme, yet creativity sparks their innovative paths.

Marc-Antoine Barrois Paris Ganymede Extrait Parfum (£260) is perfect for the idea architect in your life steeped in logic and spontaneity. Its intricate blend will resonate with their introspective nature, offering a symphony of scents that echoes their core traits.

The incense brings depth, mandarin evokes boundless creativity, and everlasting notes in Ganymede speak to the contemplative and explorative facets of INTPs. Meanwhile, the complex mix of liquorice and saffron aligns with their penchant for spontaneity and thirst for new experiences. The rich, earthy tones of leather and myrrh will resonate deeply with their introspective depth.

Beyond a mere fragrance, Ganymede becomes a companion, igniting their imagination, amplifying creativity, and reflecting profound introspection. This scent doesn't just align; it perfectly enhances their unique traits.

3. The Commanders - ENTJ's, conduct grand symphonies of ideas, then leap into action with inspiring determination. They make logical decisions, embody structured leadership, and relentlessly pursue their goals once the plan is set. Known for careers in management, finance, business, architecture, engineering, and sciences, they thrive in organised settings and possess innate leadership qualities, driving them unswervingly towards success.

Ex Nihilo Gold Immortals Parfum (£260) is a masterpiece crafted for vibrant souls like the ENTJ personality. This fragrance harmoniously blends Bergamot, Pear, Lysylang, Peony, Tonka Bean, Musk, and Amber—a symphony mirroring the multifaceted nature of their dynamic energy and structured mindset.

Bergamot and Pear infuse vitality, while the elegant Lysylang and Peony reflect their appreciation for structured beauty. But, it's the Tonka Bean, Musk, and Amber that resonates with their unwavering determination and pursuit of success.

More than a scent, Gold Immortals Parfum is an emblem of the ENTJ persona— capturing their energy, sophistication, and relentless drive for achievement. It's not just a fragrance; it's a gift that enhances their remarkable traits, making it a perfect choice that embodies their multifaceted essence.

4. The Debators - ENTPs, are the true trailblazers of the personality spectrum and the life of the party. Energised by human connections, they’re the idea maestros, focusing on concepts rather than mundane details, using logic and reason as their trusted guides. Bold, creative, and with a penchant for spontaneity, they thrive on flexibility over rigid plans, stepping into professions as diverse as civil engineering, self-made high earners, top executives, animators, actors, photographers, lawyers, psychologists, and reporters. These free spirits don't fear risks; they embrace them, tackling new challenges head-on.

What truly sets ENTPs apart is their rarity—they belong to a mere 2-5% of the population, making their dynamic and adventurous nature all the more unique.

YSL Libre Parfum (from £92), boasting notes including Jasmine Sambac absolute, Orange flower absolute, Cedarwood oil, and Ambergris accord, is an ideal match for the adventurous and creative spirit of ENTPs. The Mandarin oil and Orange flower absolutely embodies their vivacious energy and love for spontaneity. The vibrant and floral Jasmine Sambac will resonate with their penchant for unique, multifaceted experiences and the grounding Cedarwood oil and Ambergris accord add depth, mirroring their multifaceted approach to life—combining creativity with a touch of stability.

The YSL Myself EDP (£95), with its wood accord, patchouli, Ambrofix™, orange blossom, and bergamot heart, will also appeal to an ENTP's bold and innovative nature. The wood accord and patchouli symbolise their adventurous side, seeking new experiences and embracing challenges fearlessly. The Ambrofix™ and orange blossom are perfectly paired to speak to their vibrant and multifaceted personality, while the bergamot heart adds a zesty, lively touch, reflecting their energy and zest for life.

Both fragrances seem poised to harmonise with the multifaceted personality of ENTPs, complementing their creativity, spontaneity, and boldness with layers of scent that align with their unique personality traits. They both serve as an extension of their vibrant spirit, making them an intriguing and fitting choice for these dynamic individuals.

The Diplomat

Diplomats are driven by compassion, empathy, and a desire to create a better world. They're intuitive, noticing injustices and seeking to address them, yet this sensitivity may sometimes lead to self-righteousness. These individuals have open hearts, engage in creative pursuits, and often participate in volunteer work. They vary in demeanour from quietly caring to warmly outgoing and are committed to activism, spirituality, healing, and volunteering, driven by a purpose to serve the greater good and bring progress and beauty to their surroundings.

The Diplomat personality types are campaignerprotagonistmediator and advocate

5. The Campaigner - ENFPs, radiate with friendliness, creativity, and a lively spirit. They easily forge deep connections and navigate conversations with agility, humour, and eloquence. Their artistic nature drives innovative problem-solving, juggling various projects with enthusiasm. Embracing life's adventures, they thrive on challenges and adapt effortlessly to new situations and people. ENFPs flourish in creative careers like social work, entrepreneurship, teaching, design, editing, music, and personal training. Their adaptability and inspiring demeanour often lead them to leadership roles in both professional and personal realms.

Acqua di Parma Rosa Nobile Eau de Parfum (£150), is a perfect match for this vibrant personality. With Pepper, Bergamot, Rose, Violet, Lily-of-the-Valley, Ambergris, and Cedar, it captures the energetic and imaginative spirit of ENFPs. The invigorating Bergamot and elegant Rose mirror their passion, while the earthy notes represent their adaptability. This fragrance is a dynamic tribute to the creative and spirited essence of ENFPs.

6. The Protagonist, ENFJs, thrive on helping others, driven by strong values and a desire to see everyone reach their potential. With a rare blend of warmth and forthrightness, they encourage self-expression and embrace diverse career paths. The fragrance's diverse notes resonate with their compassionate and dynamic essence, mirroring their impactful careers.

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Magnolia Eau de Parfum (£95) echoes the warm and compassionate traits of this personality. With notes of Magnolia, Jasmine Sambac, Lily of the Valley, Dewberry Accord, and Ylang Ylang, this fragrance captures their caring and giving nature.

This fragrance resonates with the empathetic nature of ENFJs, using floral notes to mirror their caring manner. Richer scents like Jasmine Sambac and Ylang Ylang, reflect their multifaceted personalities. Just like their varied careers, from school counsellors to public relations or IT specialists, this blend of notes captures their compassionate and dynamic essence.

7. The Mediator, INFPs, with their Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Prospecting traits, possess a unique blend of introspection and creativity. Known for their open-mindedness and compassion, they navigate life with a caring and imaginative approach, often finding themselves as adept mediators in conflicts, skillfully encouraging emotional expression and resolution.

Decorte Kimono Tsuya Eau de Parfum (£70) orchestrates a harmonious symphony that resonates with the serene and imaginative INFP personality. Its delicate blend of Rose Essence, Japanese Iris, Bergamot, Jasmine, and Patchouli embodies the empathetic and creative spirit of INFPs. This fragrance mirrors their artistic inclinations with Rose Essence and Japanese Iris, while Bergamot and Jasmine reflect their imaginative depth and creative outlook.

In another enchanting composition, Sisley Paris' Soir de Lune EDP (£105) encapsulates the poetic essence of the INFP with its blend of fruity florals, including bergamot, mandarin, lemon, jasmine, May rose absolute, and iris. Base notes of Musk, honey, sandalwood, patchouli, and cedar create a comforting, warm embrace, reflecting the depth of an INFP's soul. This fragrance beautifully complements their romanticism, creativity, and quest for beauty and connection.

Much like the INFP's pursuit of meaningful work and artistic endeavours, these fragrances, with their enchanting blend of notes, resonate deeply with their desire for beauty and fulfilment. Just as these personalities are drawn to creative expressions like writing, music, or dance, the intricate layers of these scents form an artistic landscape that echoes their sensitivity and longing for a life filled with genuine passion and creativity."

8. The Advocates - INFJs, known for empathy, revel in harmonious scents that evoke emotions. They'd lean towards fragrances with depth, mirroring their profound feelings. Thameen London Bohemian Infusion Parfum (£250) aligns beautifully with the personality of INFJs, also known as Advocates, who are deeply empathetic and attuned to emotions. This fragrance could be an ideal fit due to its ability to create a harmonious and emotionally evocative atmosphere.

Bohemian Infusion captivates with its rich layers, featuring Blackcurrant, Ambre 83 de Laire (Amber), Patchouli, and Myrtle. These notes reflect the depth INFJs seek, especially the warmth of amber and the floral touch of patchouli, appealing to their empathetic side. Myrtle and Amber's complexity mirrors the depth of emotions INFJs experience. For them, this fragrance is more than scent—it's an emotional landscape that resonates deeply with their empathetic soul, making it a fitting and thoughtful gift.

The Sentinels

Sentinel's prioritise reliability and completion, finding satisfaction in dedicated work fueled by their principles of honesty and respect. They're traditionalists, favouring established practices over new ideas, relishing progress and seeing tasks to their conclusion.

Structured environments suit them best, enabling success as educators, managers, or nurturing figures. They value stability, cultivating strong relationships, and providing dependable support. While avoiding drama, their steadfastness might occasionally verge on stubbornness, yet they often mentor others seeking conscientiousness, showcasing their caring nature.

9. The Consul, ESFJs, characterized by their Extraversion, Observant nature, Feeling, and Judging traits, are the pillars of their communities. They thrive on active participation and cherish the warmth of social connections. Generous and reliable, they extend their homes and hearts to friends and neighbours, embracing the values of hospitality and camaraderie. 

Acqua di Parma Lily of the Valley Eau de Parfum (£219), embodies the essence of the ESFJ personality, mirroring their attentive, community-focused, and sociable nature. With a blend of Bergamot, Grapefruit, Black Currant, Petitgrain, Lily of the Valley, Cedarwood, and Musk, this fragrance captures the core traits of ESFJs.

This fragrance mirrors their vibrant presence with lively Bergamot and Grapefruit, complementing their nurturing side through Black Currant, Cedarwood, and Musk. Lily of the Valley reflects their caring nature. Like their structured approach, this scent celebrates their efforts in building strong community bonds.

10. The Executive, ESTJs, are individuals who draw their energy from collaborative endeavors, thrive on practicality, and have an eye for detail. Their decisions are grounded in logic and past experiences, reflecting their appreciation for organisation, efficiency, and hierarchy.

The Savile Row Company Mayfair Eau de Parfum (£85), captures the essence of the ESTJ personality, resonating with their dynamic, organised, and traditional values. 

ESTJs, known for their commitment to tradition and unity, embody the structured layers of this fragrance. Like the notes of lavender, nutmeg, and orange flower symbolising celebration and upholding societal values, they foster togetherness through understanding and respect for social norms.

Esteemed for their integrity, they reflect the fragrance's essence of leather and amber, advocating for hard work and the rule of law to preserve their principles, Mayfair really does exude their multifaceted dedication to community and purposeful leadership

11. The Defenders, ISFJs, are given the nickname of 'Protector' or 'Defender' as they tend to be warm-hearted, responsible, and a quietly efficient personality type. With dedication and attention to detail, they maintain traditions and offer unwavering support, preferring the background rather than the spotlight.

Beneath their unassuming exterior lies a mix of sensitivity, analytical skills, and strong social connections. Their loyalty shines as they quietly provide stability and heartfelt care to those around them.

Tiffany & Co Rose Gold Intense Parfum (£131) and Marc Jacobs Perfect Charm (The Collector Edition £89) EDP align perfectly with the traits of the ISFJ personality. The soft yet sophisticated notes of Turkish rose oil and jasmine in Rose Gold Intense, complement the warm-hearted nature of ISFJs.

Similarly, Marc Jacobs Perfect Charm limited edition EDP (£89), with its blend of rhubarb, narcissus, cedar, and cashmeran, captures the ISFJ's quietly efficient and supportive demeanour. The rhubarb's freshness adds a touch of brightness, reflecting their ability to maintain robust social connections despite their reserved nature.

Both fragrances enhance the ISFJ's innate sensitivity and analytical prowess, serving as expressions of their loyalty and genuine care. They subtly evoke stability, compassion, and a nurturing spirit. These scents evoke an understated elegance, resonating with the ISFJ's unwavering dedication and attention to detail.

12. The Logisticians - ISTJs, are practical, detail-oriented individuals valuing tradition and reliability in scents. They prioritise facts over abstract ideas, relying on logic for decision-making. Structured environments with clear hierarchies suit their preference for order and responsibility. Honesty and a belief in rules guide their approach, seeing structure as essential for maintaining order.

For the ISTJ personality type, scents like Burberry Hero EDP (£109) and BOSS Bottled Elixir (£100) align perfectly with their practical and detail-oriented nature. Burberry Hero's blend of bergamot, juniper, and black pepper reflects tradition and reliability, traits that they appreciate. Similarly, BOSS Bottled Elixir's warm incense, cardamom, and vetiver exude a classic, dependable essence that resonates with their preference for reliable scents.

These scents mirror the ISTJ's preference for structure and tradition, embodying a sense of order and timelessness. Burberry Hero and BOSS Bottled Elixir reflect these classic compositions, resonating with their straightforward approach to responsibility and honesty. Just as they prioritise truth over appearances, these fragrances exude authenticity and integrity, aligning perfectly with their practical and responsible nature.

The Explorer

Explorers thrive on adaptability, embracing spontaneity and new experiences. They're socially dynamic and always eager to learn. Routine can feel restrictive for them, preferring freedom to pursue interests at their own pace. While trendsetters who delight in discoveries, mundane tasks can certainly dampen their enthusiasm.

13. The Virtuosos, ISTPs, are natural 'makers' driven by curiosity. They enjoy hands-on creation and improvement, navigating a balance between friendliness and privacy. Their unpredictable nature can lead to sudden shifts in interests, propelling them towards new directions without warning

The olfactory narratives of Tom Ford Café Rose (from £106) and Maison Margiela REPLICA Under the Stars intertwine beautifully with the intricate personality tapestry of the ISTP/Virtuoso. Café Rose, an aromatic symphony harmonizing Turkish rose, invigorating coffee, and ethereal frankincense, becomes a sensory journey mirroring the essence of their insatiable curiosity and creative fervour, echoing their tactile and investigative approach, and revelling in the joy of exploration and refinement, much like an artisan refining their craft.

Similarly, REPLICA Under the Stars, adorned with the velvety tones of leather, the mysterious essence of agarwood, and the fiery zest of black pepper, encapsulates the enigmatic depth within their persona. This fragrance embodies their paradoxical nature—friendly yet private, calm yet sporadically spontaneous. These scents truly capture the unpredictable yet enigmatic essence of the ISTP. Like their ever-evolving interests, these fragrances offer a unique journey that harmonises with their dynamic persona.

14. The Adventurer, ISFP, is an open-minded, warm, and artistic soul, who relishes life's diverse experiences. Their vibrant individuality shines through in their open-minded, spontaneous approach. Despite sensitivity to criticism, they find joy in life's simplicity and value relationships deeply. They bring a unique perspective that enriches the world around them.

Dries Van Noten's Voodoo Chile EDP (£220) aligns perfectly with the ISFP personality. Its intriguing blend of cannabis, rosemary, patchouli, sandalwood, and cedarwood mirrors the Adventurer's open-mindedness and creative spirit. Like the scent's diverse notes, ISFPs approach life with grounded warmth, embracing each moment as an opportunity for self-expression. Just as the fragrance layers various elements, Adventurers exhibit a multifaceted nature, exploring a fascinating array of passions and interests driven by curiosity.

This scent really resonates with their open-mindedness and flexibility, reflecting their ability to embrace diverse perspectives. Like the Adventurer's evolving opinions, the fragrance evolves too, showcasing their willingness to reconsider. Similarly, it also settles like their need for alone time, while its complexity mirrors their unique perspective and appreciation for life's nuances

15. The Entrepreneurs, ESTPs, are always the magnetic centre of any gathering, drawing people in with their vibrant presence. They thrive on being the life of the party and are known for their entertaining humour and love of attention. Unlike abstract theories, they prefer action-oriented discussions and diving headfirst into experiences. Living in the moment, they're drawn to risky behaviour and immediate reality. Entrepreneurs' passion, energy, and logical minds make them natural leaders who inspire and energise others, yet they need to channel these qualities toward constructive pursuits.

Maison Margiela's By The Fireplace Parfum (£115) & Le Labo's Ambrette 9 (£230) resonate with the bold, engaging spirit of the ESTP. By The Fireplace's blend of cloves, pink pepper, orange blossom, Peru balsam, and guaiac wood captures the vibrant energy of this personality type. Similarly, Ambrette 9's mix of ambrette seed, citrus, subtle florals, pear, and apple mirrors their lively, impactful presence. Both scents evoke the magnetic allure that draws people toward ESTPs at social gatherings.

These scents resonate with the ESTP's love for action and excitement, evoking a passion for adventure and quick decision-making. Both complement their energetic, engaging nature, enhancing their leadership and ability to inspire others. They're aromatic allies, amplifying the vibrant impact ESTPs naturally bring to life moments and social gatherings.

16. The Entertainer, ESFP, exudes lively energy, turning life into a celebration wherever they go. They're known for their generosity in uplifting others and bringing a party atmosphere to every moment. Their vibrant sense of style extends from fashion to home decor, showcasing their unique flair. Though drawn to the spotlight, they're also empathetic, offering support and avoiding conflicts. Thriving in laughter and playfulness, ESFPs eagerly embrace new experiences and cherish connections.

Dries Van Noten's Jardin De L'Orangerie Parfum (£220) and Escentric Molecules 01 EDP (£95) with notes of Iso E beautifully capture the spirited essence of the ESFP, the Entertainer. Jardin De L'Orangerie's blend of Neroli Buds, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Orange Blossom Milk, and Sandalwood resonates with their vibrant and spontaneous nature.

Like the ESFP's tendency to bring joy and energy wherever they go, these scents mirror that contagious enthusiasm. Escentric Molecule's Iso E's gradual release reflects their ability to create an aura of excitement around them.

Just as these fragrances take the spotlight, the ESFPs shine in social settings, being charming and engaging with some witty. Their keen sense of style matches the allure of these fragrances, adding flair to every aspect of life.

Both the scents and ESFPs possess an innate empathy, offering support and guidance. Similar to the fragrances' subtle shifts, ESFPs often avoid conflicts, preferring to keep the focus on others. Their love for laughter and adventure echoes in these scents, inviting everyone to join their joyful journey through life.

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Words by Jheanelle Feanny 


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