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The Ultimate Summer Wellness Guide Part 2


With summer in full swing, it's the perfect time to focus on your wellness routine and take steps to improve your overall health and well-being.

From high-tech gadgets to luxurious bath and body products, there are a wide variety of editor-approved wellness essentials that can help you look and feel your best all season long. Whether you're looking to boost your energy levels, reduce stress, or simply indulge in some self-care, our comprehensive guide has got you covered.

So read on to discover our top picks for the best wellness products of the summer, and get ready to take your self-care game to the next level.


The ancient practice of yoga dates back to 5000 years ago and today it's seen a surge of yogi's perhaps due to the time we all want to forget (yes lockdown we're talking about you!).

The benefits of yoga are endless but some of the physical and mental effects include increased muscle strength and tone, stress reduction and mindfulness.

With that, it's essential to find some time during the summer months to reconnect and rebalance those chakras in style, and for this, you will need a good yoga mat.

For novices and experts, Liforme mats are designed to offer intelligent alignment for your exercises and are loved by a host of celebrities including Jennifer Lopez. They’ve also taken wellness one step further, with the creation of their White Magic Yoga Mat.

The attractive non-slip and dare we say white...yes white mat, allows for a stylish and most importantly show stopping experience. It is also lightweight, super easy to clean and arrives with a travel bag, so whether you need to unwind by the pool of your Ibiza villa, or practice near the waves of Tulum, Liforme is perfect for wherever you are in the world.


Expert-led skincare brand Aesop has given us an answer to evoke tranquillity and smell gorgeous this summer - with the release of their Gloam Eau de Parfum. The fragrance designed to arouse a sense of calm and relaxation, is an ideal scent for the summer season where we tend to spend more time outdoors and are exposed to nature’s elements. It features a blend of warm, woody notes with a touch of sweetness, helping to create a soothing and comforting atmosphere.

One of the key features of Aesop Gloam EDP is its use of natural ingredients, including vetiver, frankincense, and petitgrain. These not only provide a pleasant aroma but also have several potential health benefits. For example, frankincense, used in aromatherapy for centuries, is believed to have anti-inflammatory and stress-reducing properties.

The long-lasting EDP will allow you to enjoy those benefits throughout the day and is an excellent choice for summer wellness due to its calming, natural aroma and potential health benefits.

Floral Street

Home products are great for stimulating peace and unwinding in summer for several reasons which include increasing concentration, focus and a positive impact on mood.

Floral Street home products are made with natural and sustainably sourced ingredients. These fresh and floral scents can help to create a light and refreshing atmosphere in your home during the summer months.

We opted to try their Sweet Almond Blossom Diffuser, that will transport you to the fields of the English Countryside and is a great side-kick for those living in hectic urban cities! This diffuser is also environmentally friendly considering the current cost of living crisis, so you can forget about energy bills from plug-ins and enjoy a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere in your home, making it the perfect place to uncoil following a long day.

Not only are Floral Street home products great for their scoosh, but they’re also recyclable and aesthetically pleasing. The brand offers beautiful and stylish packaging that can complement any home decor style.

Better You

We are tired of reminders of the pandemic and want to appreciate the present and look to the future. But one great outcome was the awareness of ensuring our health (which indeed is our wealth) is a priority. Better You have a range that not only helps strengthen our immunity but also aids in unwinding from a long hard slog at the office (or home office).

Better You vitamins offer several unique benefits that make them stand out from other supplements.

We selected the brand's Magnesium Bath Flakes Bundle and B-Complete Oral Spray, both of which are formulated using innovative delivery mechanisms designed to be more effective than traditional oral vitamin supplements. This means that the body can absorb the vitamins more efficiently, resulting in better overall health and well-being.

Finally, Better You is committed to sustainability and ethical sourcing practices, ensuring that their products are not only good for you, but also good for the planet.


Philosophy Skincare's nourishing bath range is up next and a great choice for the summer for several reasons.

Their Nature In a Jar Nourishing Shower Oil with Cannabis Sativa Oil and Cinnamon Buns Shampoo Shower Gel are made with high-quality, natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin and deliver nourishing benefits.

Both bath products arrive in beautiful packaging and scream indulgence with delightful scents, helping you create a rejuvenating atmosphere. Their nourishing shower oil is great for those who suffer from inflammatory conditions during the heat including eczema and psoriasis, and for those who love sweet aromas, the Cinnabuns combo gel will be your new best friend. Skincare should always offer a luxurious experience, be that in the bath or shower making it an enjoyable and beneficial experience.

Malin + Goetz

Malin + Goetz is a modern apothecary and skincare brand founded in 2004 by Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz. The brand offers a range of simple, effective, and gentle skincare products that are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Formulated using natural ingredients and free from harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances and colourants, products are presented in minimalist and stylish packaging reflecting its commitment to simplicity, transparency, and quality.

We adore the brand's Bergamot Hand + Body Wash which is revitalising and smells divine. The nourishing hand and body wash is packed with amino acids that maintain the skin's hydration levels and is suitable for any skin type and concerns despite its vigorous and stimulating scent.

Malin + Goetz products are also cruelty-free and vegan, and they also offer a range of products for hair care and body care.

Monty & Ridge

Monty + Ridge gift letterboxes stand out from other gift boxes and are the perfect little wellness treat with so many options to help you or a loved one slow down.

Birthed during the pandemic to offer mums a little wellness indulgence, it today, is a popular small business with a great following.

Offering a unique and personalised gifting experience we selected two to try, being the Ultimate Letterbox Pamper Hamper and Ultimate Hug in a Box Letterbox Gift.

Whether you are giving yourself a Friday treat or a boost after a long day, each has enough items to lift your spirits and provide ultimate relaxation, and you can also personalise a message of gratitude in each box.

The letterbox pamper hamper arrives with gold eye masks, relaxing hand-blended bath salts, scented candles and premium tea for the perfect night in. Hug in a box is a great treat if needing to decompress after a tough day and is packed with cool products including Eco jojoba oil bath soap, vegan sweets and a stress-combating mindfulness colouring book.

Unlike other gift boxes that offer a pre-selected set of products, Monty + Ridge allows customers to curate their box by choosing from a range of high-quality, natural, and sustainable products. This means that you can tailor the gift box to the recipient's preferences and needs, making it a more thoughtful and meaningful gift.

This is a perfect summer self-care gift and can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.


A LUSH gift set is the perfect way to kickstart your summer wellness. The brand's products are made with high-quality natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin and deliver nourishing benefits. With a wide range of bath bombs, shower gels, and body lotions specifically designed to help you relax and unwind, we just couldn't wait to get our hands on their Groovy Kind of Lush Gift Set and Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel.

The gift set is a psychedelic pamper haven and our favourites were most definitely the Intergalactic and Avobath Bath Bombs! For a little shower fun, Rose Jam is a great summertime secret garden scent that is delicate and soft.

These are amazing products to help you stimulate the mind, soothe sore muscles, and promote better sleep, and they make bath and shower time a pretty cool experience, which are essential elements in a healthy summer wellness routine.

LUSH gift sets are also beautifully packaged and make a great gift for yourself or someone else.


HUM Nutrition vitamins are a handy way to get your hair, skin, and nails ready for summer. Their specially formulated vitamins are packed with natural ingredients to help nourish and support healthy hair, skin, and nails from the inside out.

We adore their juicy Hair Sweet Hair gummies that contain biotin, folic acid, and zinc, all of which are essential nutrients for healthy hair growth and strength.

Their Glow Sweet Glow is terrific for keeping skin plump and hydrated. Each gummy contains a healthy dose of vitamin C, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid, promoting brighter, clearer, and more hydrated skin. Another great find from the brand is the Skin Squad Prebiotic - aimed for those with problematic skin, this will help control sebum production, which is a buzzkill when your foundation is slipping on a yacht!

By incorporating HUM vitamins into your daily routine, you can help to enhance your natural beauty and get summer-ready hair, skin, and nails.


Self-care also includes self-pleasure and MAUDE is on a mission to normalise masturbation. Not only does self-pleasure release endorphins (which in turn influence mental-wellbeing), but research also shows that it can relieve menstrual cramps, reduce stress and tension and promote body positivity and better sleep.

MAUDE which means ‘strength in battle’ is a nod to the golden age of condoms, reproductive, civil and gender equality rights. And we welcome them with open arms considering 75% of women never even reach an orgasm alone!

They are on a mission to remove any form of shame and embarrassment and their Vibe + Shine duo (which doesn't break the bank), is a noiseless way to normalise solstice self-care enjoyably. It's no surprise that they are backed by VIPs including actress Dakota Johnson.

Designed to be sleek and discreet, you can wave goodbye to a vibrator that looks like...a vibrator, and say hello to a toy resembling a small art piece/sculpture, making them easy to use and take with you on the go wherever you are. Arriving with three settings it will get you to a pleasurable place in no time. The MAUDE vibrator is also made using high-quality body-safe materials and arrives in a sleek little carry case. There are two shades available in grey or green which are accompanied by a natural safe hydrating lubricant, we were incredibly impressed by this brand.

In addition to the physical benefits, using MAUDE can also help to promote mental wellness by reducing stress and promoting relaxation. With a fun and playful design, their vibrators are helping to promote a healthy and positive approach to sexual wellness and we're here for it!

C.O Bigelow

As one of the oldest surviving apothecaries in New York, C.O. Bigelow (founded two centuries ago) in Greenwich Village continues to create original formulas, but today incorporates the use of sophisticated technology.

Loved by actresses Amy Sedaris, Sarah Jessica Parker, Elvis Costello and the Roosevelt family, the company boasts an impressive line of bath, body and grooming products in their stunning traditional packaging.

Opt for their Lime and Coriander Hand Wash, a refreshing and invigorating product, aesthetically inviting and a perfect summer wellness essential. It will liven up any salle de bains.

The zesty scent of lime and the herbaceous notes of coriander create a revitalising aroma that awaken the senses and promote a feeling of freshness. Additionally, the gentle yet effective formula cleanses the skin thoroughly and removes dirt and grime, leaving your hands feeling soft, smooth, and nourished.

Using this hand wash regularly helps to maintain good hand hygiene, which is especially important during the summer months when we tend to spend more time outdoors and have increased exposure to germs.

Words by Jheanelle Feanny


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