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The Ultimate Summer Wellness Guide Part 3


With summer in full swing, it's the perfect time to focus on your wellness routine and take steps to improve your overall health and well-being.

From high-tech gadgets to luxurious bath and body products, there are a wide variety of editor-approved wellness essentials that can help you look and feel your best all season long. Whether you're looking to boost your energy levels, reduce stress, or simply indulge in some self-care, our comprehensive guide has got you covered.

So read on to discover our top picks for the best wellness products of the summer, and get ready to take your self-care game to the next level.


Inspired by wisdom and introducing ancient traditions to the home, every person needs to indulge in a Rituals gift set.

As summer is underway and about vitality this is the perfect buddy to help bring joy, positivity and an uplifting sense into your life. Each set features a gorgeous invigorating body scrub made from sweet orange peel and sugar, a scented candle, rich body cream and our favourite room fragrance.

Happiness starts from your surroundings and this is the ultimate mood lifter. So whether you need to revitalise your room, create your own little sanctuary or reduce stress, look no further than this stunning little set.


Continuing with bath time rituals we tried and tested three unique products from Ilāpothecary's range.

The award-winning British brand is on a healing mission, infusing powerful remedial ingredients found in the UK including live stem cells, powerful gemstones and homeopathic ingredients.

Not only is the packaging exquisite and recyclable (making them perfect cabinet containers for the future) but the products do what they promise.

The Cleanse Your Aura Hand and Body Wash is a great sidekick for those who have a keen interest in spirituality and healing.

This palo santo infused hand wash focuses on total cleansing of the mind and body with ingredients such as petitgrain (known for its antibacterial properties), which is believed to help release emotional anguish and heal emotional wounds.

Their Magnesium and Amethyst Deep Relax Bath Soak is our star buy, containing precious amber (celebrated for its healing properties and promotion of self-confidence) and powerful rebalancing amethyst. Relieving tension and for those who understand and appreciate chakra balancing, this is ideal for detoxification of the mind and opening chakras that may be closed.

Dreem Distillery

Insomnia - the gift that keeps on giving! We all know that it is far more difficult to achieve that perfect slumber during hot summer eves, and even when you have nailed that great routine, life will throw a curveball bringing you straight back to sleepless nights, intermittent waking or an inability to unwind from the day.

Enter Dreem Distillery, created by CEO Hailey Dawes who is on a mission to provide both pure and potent products to aid and restore quality sleep. The brand has created a quality line of products made from premium CBD, containing their unique super terpene blend instead of common CBD isolate which many brands use.

All products created by Hailey and her stellar team are free from pesticides, toxins, and microbial contamination and are even kosher, vegan and non-GMO.

We tried the Dreem Distillery Night Drops and The Z's CBD Anchoring Bath Soak; no matter how awful the day, or how anxious you are, these two combined or standalone are a powerhouse and we can attest that they did indeed induce a perfect slumber!


Notably celebrated for their ingenious skincare, Japanese beauty brand Athletia may be new to the market, however, with a strong team of experts at the helm are doing something groundbreaking both in sustainability and wellness.

Inspired by nature, each product from the brand is made from natural ingredients and plants grown in recycling-oriented gardens.

Aimed to provide high-performance skincare solutions for those with active lifestyles, Athletia, created by two friends, Christina Basias and Catherine Gorecki, was birthed by the duo's thirst to develop a line of products that would address the specific skin care needs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

What makes Athletia unique is its focus on products that are specifically designed to withstand the rigours of an active lifestyle. The brand's products are formulated with ingredients that provide long-lasting hydration and protection from the sun and other environmental stressors.

To kickstart our summer we tried the Switching Aroma Room Mist in Sacred Tree. Research shows that sandalwood and Buddha wood (key ingredients in this room fragrance) can help promote positive thinking, aid concentration, and help reduce anxiety and feelings of depression. Buddha wood (named for its popularity as a meditative aid) is derived from the eremophila mitchell tree where aboriginal peoples would use the wood and bark for treatments including rheumatism.

Athletia's offering gives you a unique opportunity to stimulate some inner and outer peace within your home space. We particularly enjoyed switching off to some meditative sounds with the lights down low to create our own sacred forest.


We are huge fans of L'Occitane and celebrate their products widely here at HQ.

Working with select producers and pickers from the Immortelle fields of Corsica to the lavender fields of Provence, every single product is made not only of high quality but is also sustainable.

In the summer heat, our feet and body really do change and you may notice signs of dry cracked heels or perhaps perspire more during the day and night - the constant change in weather does indeed give our bodies mixed messages and a workout.

We have some great solutions with L'Occitane's Intensive Foot Balm and Shea Verbena Hands & Body Wash.

Starting with the ultra-rich and intensive foot balm, not only is this moisturiser stylish but is an award-winning beauty made with 25% shea butter. Great for repairing and nourishing dry skin, it will also reduce roughness on visibly dry/very dry feet within four weeks. Not only is it soothing, but the balm offers sole protection, which is handy if you are a summer sandal or flip-flopper.

The Verbena hand and body wash is a refreshing and divine scent, and most importantly indulgent. Packed with aloe vera extract (a staple when combatting sweat in the heat) and lemon verbena it also has a toning effect, reduces acne, sebum production and unclogs pores. Did we also mention that it smells gorgeous?

Never Go Alone

Living in a post-pandemic world means that we are far more critical about great cleanliness, but this can also cause anxiety, particularly when flying for example.

Never Go Alone is relatively new to the market but we now finally have a brand that will allow us to navigate this new world in style.

The wellness brand released a small line of products, and we were lucky enough to review three from their Edition One: Sandstone collection, which every globetrotter will want. At HQ we received the brand's Sanitising Treatment Mist, Hand Wipes and a Sandstone Candle.

Not only are the mist and hand wipes a perfect buddy when airport-bound, mid-air or on the ground, but they each tick sustainability boxes as they’re refillable. So, whether you are Naomi Campbell or Naomi of Shoreditch, you will feel at ease wherever you go.

The candle made from painted hand-blown glass is intended to inspire creativity and encourage good vibes only. With notes of Juniper berry, black pepper, cardamom and smoky sandalwood, it's a fantastic accompaniment to any room.

Lola's Apothecary

Lola's Apothecary offers the most unique hand-blended home spa range in the UK, that not only is organic but grown in owner Dominic's rural Devon community.

Opting for their splendid A Fragrant Journey giftset, we were impressed; every single product inside the gorgeous box is made in small batches to bring natural and luxury products generating warmth to every home. Each stunning item is 100% natural, sustainable and made from reusable glass jars and bottles, adding a little romance to any room corner.

Born from Dominic's move from fast-paced city life to the tranquil English countryside, Lola's is the epitome of spa wellness, nature and holism. Their attention to detail, from the exquisite packaging to thoughtful, hand-written notes that accompany each purchase, creates a truly indulgent and personalised experience.

For a sensual home spa experience, you will enjoy their botanical-infused soufflé, rich aromatherapy bath oil with a herbaceous touch and a relaxing candle. It's a splendid set for sheer relaxation and rebalancing providing nourishment and rejuvenation to the skin, body, and mind.

Messiah + Eve

Skincare for the body is just as important as our face, particularly during weather transitions that include intense heat, humidity and if in the UK rain!

Whether you’re in a big city or on your adventures it’s essential to have the ultimate body kit in your cabinet.

Enter Messiah + Eve - an impressive company with the most body-inclusive range we have ever set our sights on; whether you are battling cellulite, backne, pigmentation, or desiring a bodylicious treat, this modern-luxe brand has it all.

Let's start with their Body Cleanser 01 - we adore this vitamin-rich body wash, infused with potent marula oil (which helps soften, hydrate skin and prevents stretch marks) and ultra-hydrating Vitamin B5.

Their Body Serum 01 contains skin-quenching niacinamide. This formulation is a fantastic antidote to addressing uneven skin tone, and dullness whilst reducing pores - getting you beach body ready in no time!

Completing the holy grail is the Messiah + Eve Handwash Liberation, a stunning bathroom addition that is gentle and packed with moisture-locking ingredients. It's understandable why Messiah + Eve won this year's Beauty Bible Awards.

Paul Smith

From the catwalk to the bedroom, those who may not be lucky enough to own the designer's ready-to-wear collection can now enjoy a slice of luxury in their new home range.

Treat yourself or a loved one needing a boost of warmth, spirit and creativity to the Paul Smith Daydreamer Scented Candle. This offering from the British designer is the essence and pillar of the London scene.

Launching their first home fragrance collection at the end of 2022, each two-tone vessel from the range is designed to bring a little individuality to your space, filling the room with rich aromas to take you back to your most fond memories.

Daydreamer, with notes of French lavender oil, verbena and clary sage will transport you summer evenings from your favourite destinations, ours being the Italian Riviera with our loved ones.

We are sure it will spark your most treasured memories too, and what better keepsake than a stunning Paul Smith olfactory piece on your mantle when it's finished?


Chosen not only for their potency but for their intelligent packaging is Purolabs.

We always dread decanting our vitamins into ziplock bags when travelling but these folks seem to have solved this problem once and for all.

Opting for their Biotin Complex, this offering contains Vitamin B12 and collagen and our hair, skin and nails have never looked better after just a month. For us, the slim design is impressive considering each bottle can perfectly fit into a small handbag and contains a whopping 90 days' worth of vitamins.

The vegan-friendly UK-made supplements are also clean, gluten-free and vegan and we immediately noticed softer yet stronger hair, growth that allowed us to say goodbye to the nail tech, and a reduction in the amount of hormone-related skin breakouts.

Purolabs is a certain repurchase and will give you fast results for an all-year-round summer glow.

Officine Universelle Buly

Since 1803 and celebrating 223 years of French opulence, Officine Universelle Buly continue to dominate skin care with the same grandeur experienced in their principal Rue-Saint Honore boutique in Paris. Unceasing customary apothecary traditions from the 19th century with a little modern-day science, we were fortunate to indulge in two of the brand's most celebrated products.

Presented in their historically stunning packaging, Lait Virginal Damask Rose Body Lotion is an attractive dressing table ornament, reminiscent of treasures enjoyed by aristocrats and royalty; this rich lotion with hints of iris, amber and blond tobacco is dreamy. Not only charming to the eye, it also heralds properties that aid in evening skin tone and complexion.

For those preferring further bijou, try the Savon Superfin Soap in Damask Rose which can be personalised with your initials so you can enjoy a little nobility in your bathroom.


Hair maintenance in this day and age is becoming a TikTok rabbit hole. Some of us just don't have the time to ruin our bedsheets with the ever-messy castor or rosemary oil hack, and as summer is here we most definitely want to ditch the extensions.

Our solution is Monpure's Great Lengths Regime. Celebrated for their award-winning hair growth solutions and being the world's first dedicated scalp and hair brand, Monpure is comprised of a stellar team of scientists, dermatologists and beauty experts who are on a mission to ensure that you don't go to unnecessary lengths (no pun intended) to have healthy hair whilst tackling the root (hehe) of hair loss.

The Great Lengths Regime features four groundbreaking products that are amazing contenders individually but forms a powerhouse when used together. You will notice a reduction in hair loss, an increase in growth, strengthened follicles and a healthier scalp.

Your hair will smell gorgeous and feel easier to tame with less shedding on your brush.

Envision a spa treatment but on the scalp. So if your hair is prone to being brittle, dry, or weak during summer months this is your go-to purchase.

Mylee Nail Polish

MYLEE gel nail polishes are the ultimate wellness selection for several reasons. Firstly, they are made with high-quality, non-toxic ingredients that are gentle on your nails and skin, making them a healthy choice for your overall well-being. Secondly, MYLEE polishes are long-lasting and chip-resistant, which means you can enjoy beautiful, vibrant nails for weeks without worrying about touch-ups or damage.

This year we prayed for variation for our at-home mani-pedi and the brand has delivered with a diverse range of summer colours to choose from. Whether you prefer bright, bold shades or soft, subtle hues, MYLEE has a colour to suit every mood and style. Their summer collection is sure to inspire creativity and add a pop of colour to your summer look.

Our favourites included the playful You're A Peach, floaty Gelato and for those looking for a hot girl/guy summer Flushed Cheeks is a great shout.

For talon experts, there are a range of cool tools to create exquisite nail art such as transfers and the Mylee Dotting Tool.

With high-quality ingredients, a long-lasting formula, and a diverse range of colours, these polishes are a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their summer style.

Neal's Yard Remedies

The UK aromatherapy pioneers are welcomed to this year's guide with a summer quenching citrus line. Summer always reminds us of fresh, juicy scents and we are in love with the Neal's Yard Citrus Shower Gel and Geranium and Orange Hand Lotion.

Handcrafted in Dorset, England, the shower gel is a welcome injection of fun and energy to your morning routine leaving you uplifted immediately. Infused with organic lemon, lime and grapefruit essential oils which are key for exfoliation, you are sure to become a morning person if you aren't already.

The equally marvellous body lotion serves as a great sidekick; infused with rich avocado, hempseed, geranium and orange essential oils, this lightweight moisturiser will protect your skin and nails, whilst preventing free radical penetration and boosting stressed-out skin.

Using Neal's Yard citrus shower gel and geranium and orange hand lotion is a great way to kickstart your summer wellness.

The citrus shower gel is made from natural and organic ingredients, so is free from harmful chemicals and gentle on your skin. Citrus oils are known to have energising and mood-boosting properties, making it superb with starting your day, leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

The combination of both will make for a delightful scent that can help reduce stress and anxiety while keeping your hands soft and moisturised.

Miles Speakers

A summer party is incomplete without music, so whether like Robyn you're 'dancing on your own' or recreating your own garden Glastonbury, Gadhouse is our top selection when creating unforgettable summer moments.

The stylish and sleek retro Miles speaker was released this year and really did add some first-class sound to our home.

The brand founded by two passionate engineers with a love for classic aesthetics often seen in expensive sound systems has completely delivered something unique to the world of home entertainment. Instead of filling your home with bulky gadgets or ones that look great but sound awful, Gadhouse has bridged the gap, managing to merge stylish home interiors with a small modern (but pretty powerful) sound system.

It's a painless setup with minimal instructions and will liven any bookshelf with its sleek finish. The speakers connect to Bluetooth and arrive with USB, RAC1 and RAC2 functions delivering crystal-clear sound.

Compatible with other Gadhouse products you can play DJ at your party, animate an amphitheatre experience, or if you like us re-create your own in-room nightclub!


Beginning its journey on the banks of the River Mosel, Olverum has been blending natural oils since the 1930s. It's no surprise to hear they are loved and enjoyed by the royal family, with Fortnum & Mason's being an official stockist. The Olverum Sleep Kit will leave you feeling airy and pampered with its resplendent Bath Oil. Made from a luxurious and aromatic blend of essential oils that promote relaxation, their bath oil will help prepare your body for a good night's sleep.

In addition, the kit also includes a pillow mist that will enhance the quality of your sleep, upgrade your bedtime routine, and create a relaxing environment during the warm summer months.

The Olverum Sleep Kit is the perfect summer wellness essential; with natural and luxurious ingredients and a convenient travel bag, this kit is a must-have for anyone looking to prioritise their sleep and self-care this summer.

Crosstown - Working From Home Box

If you're working from home (like many of us), treat yourself to the ultimate indulgent gift - a delivery from Crosstown.

Recreate the treat you enjoyed most during that morning commute with a little savoir flair by personalising your very own gift box, perfect for a treat day, a 'thank god we made it to Friday' treat, or just because!

Now you're probably thinking, 'Doughnuts are so unhealthy, what has this got to do with wellness?', well perhaps it's down to Crosstown's wide range of choice, suitable for every dietary requirement, whether you're gluten-free, nut-free, vegan or rewarding yourself with a treat day. For those preferring lesser calories you also have the option to switch your dough friend for cookies.

Each gift box allows the addition of some fresh ground coffee / whole bean espresso (Crosstown x Caravan), some Good & Proper tea bags, Prana Chai or a rich hot chocolate by Mörk Original.

Our faves were the delicious Tongan Vanilla glaze and nut-free dark chocolate truffle doughnuts with lashings of Sri Lanka cinnamon.

Words by Jheanelle Feanny


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