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WorldHotels Crafted: Unveiling Stockholm's Distinctive Boutique Dynasty

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Our global travels have taken us to many extraordinary places, from Pablo Escobar's former home, Casa Malca, to the world's first treehouse hotel, Azulik - and this is why boutique hotels are indeed our preferred choice.

Boutique hotels always seem to tick every box —they are discreet, unique, and incredibly luxurious. Each one has its own distinctive style, reflecting the owner's personality and offering impeccable, personalised service to every guest. This is why we could not wait to visit three unique hotels in Sweden's cultural capital, courtesy of WorldHotels Crafted.

Crafted Collection hotels offer a cultural feast for those who prefer quiet luxury with a keen appreciation for the arts. Whether you're seeking a cool, urban retreat, stylish interiors, or a unique theme and story, these three properties deliver thoughtful elements in every detail. Guests are met with beautiful architecture, exciting modern design, rich history, and captivating art, creating an immersive and refined experience. What sets these properties apart is the fact that they remain true to their roots as family-owned establishments, with a new generation of millennial scions actively involved in their operation. This level of dedication and precision is a rarity in the industry, making these hotels a shining example of a new boutique dynasty in Stockholm.

NOFO Hotel

Nestled in the upmarket Tjärhovsgatan neighbourhood, there is one property which stands as a beacon of eclectic charm in an area steeped in history as a gathering place for punk rockers, skateboarders, free spirits, and proud nonconformists. This unique locale is also where you'll find Stockholm's most vibrant and music-focused hotel - NOFO.

NOFO's building may date back to the 1780s however the remarkable courtyard - a gathering for live music and romantic tête-à-tête, along with its unique interiors state a different story. It's no surprise that they have won awards for innovative and creative use of sound design/audio branding. This is evident the moment you step through the doors as you are greeted with the sounds of the rainforest.

Inside is a celebration of the world's most innovative cities; a little story behind this is revealed by CEO Alexander Alkesten, who reveals that he and his parents travelled the globe drawing design influences with each bringing their favourite city to the hotel. On one floor you will see references from the beautiful Parisian boutiques favoured by his mother, or stumble across the iconic streets of London including Oxford Street or the artsy New York neighbourhood - Brooklyn.

We stayed in room 121 - an ode to Dutch-Swedish singer-songwriter (and poet) Cornelis Vreeswijk, known for modernising the Swedish ballad by incorporating elements of blues, jazz and pop. 

From the moment you walk into the room you are transported to a musical odyssey and greeted by Cornelius himself in the form of a quirky print by renowned photographer Hans Gedda. Gedda is notably known for his eye-catching body of work incorporating chiaroscuro effects. His work includes intimate abstract portraits of the world's greatest changemakers including Nelson Mandela, Andy Warhol and Geraldine Chaplin.

Furthermore, guests are treated to their very own record player (along with a curated vinyl selection), a modern lounge, spacious bathroom big enough for a family, and a cosy bedroom. Interiors are modern whilst incorporating natural wood to the floors for a Scandinavian touch.

This summer the courtyard will host numerous live music events for a celebration of NOFO's roots and emerging artists.

Rates at Hotel NOFO from 2000 SEK/night (c. £147) in a Standard Double Room for one person including breakfast

For more information visit NOFO


Address: Tjärhovsgatan 11, 116 21 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone: +46 8 503 112 00

Hotel Kung Carl

Next up is one of the most fascinating properties in the city and potentially the crown jewel of Stockholm - Hotel Kung Carl.

The property's exterior reminiscent of the Antoni Gaudi buildings seen in Barcelona's Gracia (amongst other neighbourhoods), is something out of a fairy tale. But what lies inside is a majestical odyssey.

Centrally located in the vibrant area of Stureplan, famous for its exclusive stores, fine dining and nightclubs, the Östlundh family acquired the property in 1977, where it housed just 46 rooms. Today the transformation effortlessly fuses many famed design periods including Baroque, the Age of Modernity and the 21st century, to create one of the most visually fascinating hotels we have seen.

As you glide through the doors you are greeted with many fascinating antiquities including stunning clocks, gilded mirrors and chandeliers, collected from Swedish auction houses over the years.

Paying homage to the original owner Annie Berg who acquired the building in the 20th century, the Östlundh family have incorporated elements of her home with personal touches seen in the Orangerie, library and saloon, drawing inspiration from that time.

The Orangerie home to the bar and dining area, boasts the highest ceilings we have ever seen, where a vintage-style elevator provides guests a personal view reminiscent of the innovative lift in London's Heron Tower. But although the influence is drawn from these unique periods, Kung Carl has a fascination and affliction with the arts. Celebrating some of Sweden's best artists from a time before to the present day. One of those who has shaken the art world with his interesting work is Julius Nordvinter - who we have been following for some time.

Nordvinter - a self-taught artist uses canvases to explore his inner conflicts as a visual expression of his emotions. Painting for Nordvinter is used as a form of therapy; the striking pieces are an outlet for him to express his emotions, instead of opting for therapy. Each canvas holds a secret message scribed in writing or within the background and it is rumoured the artist brings his many personalities to his work.

Rates at Hotel Kung Carl from 1895 SEK/night single occupancy (c. £140), 1995 SEK/night double occupancy (c. £147)

For more information visit Hotel Kung Carl

Hotel Kung Carl

Address: Birger Jarlsgatan 21, 111 87 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone: +46 8 463 50 00

Hotel Frantz

Our final destination during the tour was an intimate lunch at Hotel Frantz, located in the neighbourhood of Södermalm, where a property seeping with history and special stories lies.

Hotel Frantz, named after its former owner and master Tailor Frantz Bock, dates back to 1647, which is evident from the very bricks seen upon entering this treasure of a property.

The hotel, along with its sister property, Hotel Ruth, is owned and managed by the Pettersson family. Currently, Ellen Pettersson oversees its operations, while her sister Tea manages Hotel Ruth.

Truly a family affair, this property showcases not only the dynamic duo of sisters but also their father, who supervises the hotel, and their mother, renowned for her delectable breakfasts and cakes. Offering a genuine home-from-home experience, guests can immerse themselves in Swedish history through the unique decor that pays homage to its 17th-century origins, featuring a captivating wine cellar and an exquisite evening dining experience.

Transporting guests into a fairytale realm akin to the enchanting story of 'The Princess and the Pea,' the rooms feature majestic high beds as their focal point, complemented by luxurious velvets that exude a regal ambience.

Legend has it that the very bricks laid in the 1600s were carried by women, and it is both remarkable and serendipitous that centuries later, two remarkable women, Tea and Ellen, have meticulously restored the cellar and the hotel to its former glory. This restoration has resulted in a unique atmosphere of intimacy that is truly unmatched in any other setting.

A truly extraordinary experience awaits every guest who ventures through the doors of Hotel Frantz.

Rates at Hotel Franz from 2200 SEK/night (c. £162)

For more information visit Hotel Frantz

Hotel Frantz

Address: Peter Myndes backe 5, 116 46 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone: +46 8 442 16 80

For more information on WorldHotels Crafted Collection visit HERE

words by Jheanelle Feanny


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