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ACNE Scar Heroes

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Tailored treatment to banish Acne Scars

The deeper your skin tone can ultimately result in the likeliness of scarring and hyperpigmentation following acne breakouts. Unfortunately, skincare products and the trauma from squeezing these spots can worsen the appearance of our skin; which is the largest organ of the body.

We've all seen some dangerous at-home techniques floating around the internet, such as lemon juice and using Apple Cider Vinegar; which are resulting in women across the globe being left with chemical burns and complete destruction to the skin, resulting in scarring and heavy hyperpigmentation; which is not specific to dark skin, but all skin.

Sometimes it is better to invest money on a treatment that is not only effective but clinically proven and carried out by medical professionals and we’ve now got your back!

Epilium and Skin hit the national headlines due to Dr Jean-Marc Chardonneau, who forms part of the ‘French Collective’; bringing his innovative and popular treatments from Paris to his London based clinic Epilium and Skin. The ‘French Collective’ form of Dr Chardonneau and Aesthetic Surgeon Dr Bernard Hayot; together they are known for their discreet non-surgical work, leaving their clients (who travel from across the globe) with maximum results and minimal to no downtime.

Nurse Dee at Epilium kindly gave an in-depth skin consultation focusing on a facial scar and also hyperpigmentation from acne, to determine whether PRP and Dermapen would be the best treatment with respectable results. Following the consultation, in October 2018 the first of three PRP treatments (given one month apart) were commenced at their Central London clinic.

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, which is otherwise known as ‘liquid gold’ due to its colour and thanks to its growth factors and beneficial blood platelets, which are reintroduced back into the skin. This is drawn from your own blood and placed in a machine to separate the PRP. The Dermapen is a form of micro-needling which promotes scar-less healing and most importantly stimulates the production of your own natural collagen.

The two techniques combined have provided Epilium and Skin clients with an improved appearance in scarring and hyperpigmentation (from acne or trauma), firmer skin, and has also been used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks. This technique originated from emergency medicines for trauma patients and victims of burns, and it is now available here.



Following the first treatment, the facial scar was flattened significantly to the eye, as a result of the Dermapen micro-needling. Although the targeted scar was still raised the thickness was reduced and the colour was visibly improved. By month two the acne scars on the jawline had significantly improved and the area was less raised. Hyperpigmentation had improved considerably and by month four the jawline hyperpigmentation has almost faded resulting in better coverage for make-up. Before PRP, it was increasingly difficult to cover this area with makeup due to the uneven depth and scarring of the area, however, now very little concealer is required.

This is not a magic wand procedure where results happen overnight, however, if you are patient and understand the physiology of the body you will see a significant difference over time. What is evident is that if you do suffer from keloids, hypertrophy or raised scars, you will see visible improvement and a difference in the prominence, shape, and size of the scar by month 4 following three treatments 4-6 weeks apart.

Verdict: 8/10 - for a ‘liquid gold’ result-driven facial

Pain Factor: 2/10 – painless and leaving you gorgeous!

PRP and Dermapen - 1 Treatment for acne scarring available from £650

Dermapen - 1 Treatment for one area of scarring available from £150

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