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An Expert Way to Kick New Year Stress


As the busiest season is upon us, it is easy to get caught up in the fuss of holiday stress and burnout. A recent survey revealed that the gen-z generation is most at risk of burnout - with almost half of all 18-24-year-olds revealing that they feel constantly exhausted and have felt burnt out at least once before.

Master Oh, originally from Korea, is a London-based energy healer with more than 30 years’ experience working with human energy, known as Qi. Having overcome chronic issues himself at an early age, he has dedicated his life to sharing his healing method with the world - opening centers in Australia, America.

The health and energy Svengali uses a variety of methods to kick those post-Christmas blues including energy treatments, a powerful combination of acupressure and sound to release blockages, clear toxins and recharge a person’s system. This method helps to address emotional and physical stress and helps to achieve a deep sense of calm, peace and happiness.

The intergenerational survey also revealed that younger and older Brits are adversely affected by stress. One-quarter of gen-z Brits say that stress can be a motivator, compared with just 5% of British baby boomers who say the same.

Instead, almost half of all baby boomers say stress leaves them feeling overwhelmed and a further 30% say it impacts their ability to communicate and share their thoughts.

Similar to the gen-z generation, Londoners say stress puts them ‘in the zone’, with almost one-third saying that it motivates them to work harder. However, half of all Brits from other major UK cities including Bristol and Cardiff suggest that stress inhibits them from carrying out simple tasks - making that last-minute secret Santa shop run even harder.

But how do we know whether we are stressed enough to need Qi in our lives???

Master Oh has created a stress barometer test that not only measures your stress levels but this also provides practical tips about ways to say goodbye to a Christmas crumble and reduce stress.

For further information, visit and try out the Stress Out Test visit Master Oh


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