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Fragrance for Him: Christmas Gift Guide 2021

Finding the perfect fragrance for your partner, father, brother, and loved ones can be a challenge, particularly during the madness of the festive period.

Fragrance is a confusing feat when gifting, but fear not, we’ve decided to save you the time and effort. Our editor-approved fragrance guide includes selections based on your loved one's personality, reaching all price points, from rare luxury scents for the scent collector, to fragrance house favourites for the younger man in your life. Clear winners of this year's guide include the stunningly presented Initio Oud For Happiness, or for the classic gentleman in your life, Brioni's new offering may stir some excitement.

Brioni Eau de Parfum Intense £110 available at Brioni - for the sophisticated man

Fashion house Brioni released their fragrance line this year following a long absence. Intense EDP made a fantastic entrance towards the end of this year, reinstating Brioni once again as a luxury fragrance Maison. The nose behind Intense is Master Perfumer Michel Almairac who returns following composing Brioni's EDP alongside Karine Vinchon-Spehner. Both worked closely with Brioni Design Director Norbert Stumpfl to create a classic fragrance with notes of bergamot, pink pepper and earthy patchouli. Hints of tangerine subtly break through, adding a richness balanced brilliantly with the oud. This is the ultimate gift for the sophisticated man in your life.

INITIO Oud For Happiness EDP 90ml (Pour Homme & Pour Femme) £280 available at Harvey Nichols - for the oud lover in your life

The name Oud For Happiness says it all; it's a brilliant merge of sweet, spicy and oud notes. The liquorice middle notes add a richness that is complemented well with the musk and herbal notes.

This fragrance is clearly for a loved one who knows their perfume; you get a hit of ginger that is immediately followed by the cedarwood and agarwood (oud) - it is compelling and addictive, sparking excitement.

The pièce de résistance lies in Initio's bottle design, laden with elaborate gold detailing around the onyx bottle. It is reminiscent of an ancient Egyptian tomb housing a unique treasure, which in this case is the Oud For Happiness.

Oribe Côte D'Azur from £94 available at Oribe - for the charismatic person

Luxury haircare brand Oribe is known for its unique product line, so we were intrigued to learn more about their elegant fragrance line. Côte D'Azur, a signature scent, is one of three fragrances and embodies the charm and mystique of the French Riviera.

The stylish bottle encases Calabrian bergamot, complementing the white butterfly jasmine and sandalwood notes. The scent is not too overpowering and fresh, with bursts of spice peeking through from the bergamot.

Côte D'Azur is a great gift for someone special who appreciates the finer things in life and advocates for clean beauty.

Escentric Molecules Art & Chemistry EM01 Gift Set £160 available at Escentric - for the intellect

Escentric Molecules are best known for their innovative fragrances that act on the senses and involve the brain. What is truly unique about the fragrance house is the science behind their collections incorporating an aroma molecule called Iso E Super. Made in a laboratory in the 1970s, this molecule is a fragrance booster and helps with the longevity of the scent to create a hyperreal experience as the aroma fades in and out.

EM01 contains the molecule Iso E Super pure and singular. Expect floral notes of Iris with citrus and spicy pink pepper. EM01 brings a sense of familiarity to the wearer and can be worn day and night and throughout all seasons. We love that others get a subtle hint from the wearer, and then it fades away; it indeed stimulates the brain, reminding us of the calming nature air.

Penhaligon's Halfeti Leather £178 available at Penhaligon's - for a confident loved one

Luxury British fragrance Maison Penhaligon's return to this year's guide with Halfeti Leather, a smoky, warm, animalistic scent, taking us on a journey through the Turkish city.

Known for their strong, alluring formulations, expect a fresh burst of cardamom, rich plum and rose, that is entirely overtaken by the rich leather, oud and incense base notes. This is a sensual scent perfect for the confident man in your life.


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