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Grooming On The GO

Beauty News

Skincare and fragrance giants Floris London and Anatomé have launched some cool new products to make grooming on the go a piece of cake. 

Busy schedules, jet lag, end of season parties, and let's face it, a lack of Vitamin D after the summer, can negatively impact your skin. With life becoming busier by the hour, convenient grooming has never been more important.

But, don't worry ... we got you! These travel solutions will keep your skincare regime on track, wherever you are in the world. 

Floris London - No.89 Facial Moisturiser, £35,

A perfect way to perk up tired skin, Floris London's No.89 facial moisturizer has a hint of scent and lightweight formula packed with willow extracts, hops and oats, and rapeseed oil. It's available in a beautifully packaged 50ml bottle, which is perfect for travelling and rejuvenating that post-flight skin.


NEW Anatomé Travel Set, £90 available exclusively from

Available exclusively at Mr Porter, the Anatomé Travel Set includes a collection of travel necessities to support skin, body, and mind whilst away.  The kit was curated to provide four simple steps to guarantee a restful sleep and provide the body with essentials that boost brain memory and support the gut, immune system, sleep, and recovery.


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