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New Tiger King episode returns to our screens

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First, we were presented with the crazy Don't F*** with Cats, and then Netflix decided that that wasn't even outrageous enough for us, so presented us with our very own lockdown eye gripping series Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness. If you haven't seen this weird but strangely addictive series then you have clearly not been living your best lockdown life. Filled with meth, murder, polyamory, and gun-toting rednecks this is not a series to miss.

As the next rumored installment of Tiger king approaches nonetheless on Easter Sunday of all days, we have compiled 10 of the most bizarre moments of the current docuseries that Netflix graced us with during our isolation days.

1. Travis accidentally shooting himself

Our eyes were glued to the screen when the handsome Travis Maldonado walked into the zoo, and it left us wondering how this Cali boy ended up in a seemingly (now we know not legal) bizarre threeway marriage with Joe and John Finlay.

What was even more shocking was that the only moments the audience got a glimpse into Travis' life at the park he then accidentally shoots himself in front of Joe's campaign manager with the reactions of said campaign manager caught on CCTV.

Image Netflix

2. Joe remarries immediately after Travis' death

Joe appeared to have spun into a deep depression, barely holding himself together following Travis' tragic accidental death, however within minutes it appeared it was business as usual, as the viewers saw Joe get back into the dating scene where he meets now current husband Dillon Passage.

The puzzling moment in this new love story is Joe inviting Travis' grieving mother to witness the nuptials merely a couple of months following from her son's passing.

The couple were later seen "on the run" in an undisclosed location following the quick loss of the zoo to nemesis Jeff Lowe.

Dillon is later seen unlocking a secret vault (I thought Joe burnt the evidence?) and seemingly slips up about the other big cat players illegally trafficking animals with receipts! Joe's husband has continued to stand by his side despite him being locked up for murder for hire charges (Carole F***ing Baskin) and a series of animal offenses and continues to run the Tiger King's social media accounts. The latest IG post allegedly relayed by Joe to Dillon warns "At 2 million followers the tiger will be let out of the cage and the games will begin"....... Cryptic or what?!

3. Walmart, Walmart and Walmart

Well, this was a surprise, why did Walmart seem to be involved in every single aspect of this trainwreck documentary? Whether it be from the expired meat donations for the tigers, the zookeepers having a candid munch on the sly, the pizza parlor toppings served to the public unknowingly, or the fact that Joe's campaign manager was a former Walmart employee, our minds continue to be blown by this series of connections!

4. Meth Mouth

It was suggested that both John Finlay and Travis Maldonado were addicted to meth and stuck around the Oklahoma Zoo to feed their habit whilst being lavished with toys, cars, and guns from Joe. When the interviews cut to a shirtless John Finlay he's left with about three teeth.... yes three teeth. Say no to drugs kids!

John has recently come forward with a new set of gnashers, smartened appearance and a tattoo removal and looks a world away from his former zoo life days.

5. Saff's Arm

Guys please please please can we just give worker Saff a medal and a standing ovation? This employee makes us folk look so pathetic, not only was his arm mauled by a Tiger, but 5 days following an amputation he returned to work, whilst most of us are out of action for a week over a cold! We think the craziest part of this scene is where Joe casually strolls into the gift shop telling customers "I'm going, to be honest; a tiger has just bit an employees arm off" before offering them a rain check, or a discount whilst wearing an EMT jacket (yes how did he even get that?!)

6. The mysterious disappearance of Don

We must be clear there is no real evidence linking Carole to the disappearance of husband Don Lewis, however, viewers became skeptical of how much involvement the "Hey you cool cats and kittens" widow actually had in his death.

Don was last seen in 1997 assumingly preparing for a business trip in Costa Rica and never returning, but viewers became instant detectives wondering if Don ever did make it to the tropical destination. Let's shoot back to the restraining order filed by Don a mere 2 months before his disappearance where he alleges Carole had threatened to kill him, the restraining order was rejected by the courts, and the timing of this was off, as Don had threatened divorce and allegedly was preparing his assets for Carole to basically walk away with nothing. We think there should be an entire series based on Don's mysterious disappearance alone.

7. Sardine Oil

Did Carole Baskin just confess to the murder of Don Lewis??? Skip to a scene in the docuseries where Joe Exotic is attacked by a Liger (Tiger and a Lion) whilst in the middle of filming. Joe at this point is so paranoid he accuses that someone in the park tried to kill him by wait for it... lacing his shoes in perfume. Shoot to Carole, whose reaction is just damn right strange, she appears calm refuting that a Liger wouldn't want to eat Joe from the scent of perfume and inadvertently confesses to a crime as she explains "If you want a tiger to attack a person you put sardine oil on them", erm OK Carole.

8. The Jetski

James Garretson aka 'The Human Chucky Doll" as Joe puts it, is the most surprising character in this mess, not only does he just appear out of nowhere but he somehow ends up cooperating with the Feds in the whole murder for hire conspiracy. Cut to the end where you see the former Dallas strip club owner riding off into the sunset on a Jet Ski.

9. Joe's accessories

Joes appears to have the most outlandish taste in fashion but hey what about those accessories he's rocking. Let's talk about the eyebrow ring, is it just us staring at this poor accessory struggling for dear life on Joe's face? Another criminal is his prized Prince Albert padlocks proudly displayed on the walls of his trailer-chic bedroom.

10. Doc Antle's Harem

Bhagavan Antle aka Doc Antle presented a more organised zoo, where viewers were led to believe that he indeed was the Dr. Doolitle of the Tiger world. The animals appeared to be loved and cared for by the staff but then we all realised the staff are his wives! Cut to Big Cat Zoo Owner Tony Montana's wife showing audiences a photo album featuring all of his wives/girlfriends. Then let's cut to a lady who has escaped Doc's Harem, before pointing out to viewers that she had woken up from a boob job (which she seemed grateful for as it granted her to some downtime from unpaid work), however, she doesn't seem to even recall getting to the hospital, or even seeing a real doctor,

Tiger King episode The Tiger and I returns to our screens Sunday 12th April

Words by Jheanelle Feanny


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