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NYNNE SS20 Collection at Milan

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As NYNNE hosts its debut show at Milan Fashion Week, the brand presents signature clean lines of Scandinavian design, drawn from Nynne’s roots creating voluminous silhouettes and expressive shoulders, part of the characteristics of the SS20 collection. Named the Ducens Domina, meaning the leading lady in Latin, the designer welcomes her first collection to the stage.

The collection builds on the exaggerated figures from the decade’s fashions modifying details to better facilitate the modern woman, with returning designs from their debut AW19 collection such as the recurring Diana ruched gown, now softened by chiffon fabrics and pastel tones, along with the Meryl shirt. It’s an unveiling of updated guidelines for power dressing, where statement pieces of floor-length leather build contrasting panel dresses in crisp white and rich aubergine.


Maintaining their tribute to women, from historical figures such as Joan Crawford, one of the first leading ladies in film to the sultry actress Lauren Bacall, nicknamed ‘The Look’ with those seductive cat eyes and her distinctive voice, representing effortlessly glamorous still to this day. NYNNE celebrates the contrasting life of these women by bringing together a powerful structure with delicate components.

Walking the type role between renaissance and clean Scandinavian design fuels this SS20 collection, Nynne has broken down this season into three themes; welcoming effortless everyday wear in the reappearing Chris ruched off the shoulder top in three colourways; white, lilac and black, as well as the Ingrid, returns with length this season growing into high-neck, short sleeve dresses with flare hems, along with the introduction of denim to the brand.

This elegance exists within the colour tones of buttery rich Italian leathers, glossy camel tones and defining cuts that take you back to the days of Hollywood glamour when collar bones being displayed gave a level of risk to a women’s character. This can also be seen within the hand-drawn illustrations of Lauren Bacall featuring on silk full-length gowns.

The brand’s philosophy is about exploring dressing as a daily expression of female empowerment. Bringing a lighter colour palette this season with fresh spearmint greens, buttery yellows, petroleum’s and opalescent lilacs, NYNNE’s mission is to uplift and empower women in their daily wardrobe, and bring them out of their comfort zones a little bit as well.

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