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The Ultimate Oceans Eleven Gifts for the Poker Aficionado in Your Life


We all have that one family member who is the expert poker pro, ready to teach us all poker hands and lest we forget the best poker face. And with blockbuster films such as Oceans, Casino Royale and of course, Win It All, everyone has a little itch to perfect their moves and of course become the ultimate aficionado.

There are all kinds of good gifts for the special man in your life: from watches to cufflinks, to high-end grooming accessories. If said special man fancies himself a poker player, as so many do, it’s also fun to play into the hobby with a few classy gifts that could improve his poker experience. Here are our recommendations.

Tournament Cards Poker sessions can last several hours. As a result, players need a set of cards that both feel good and offer enough grip to deal with precision. That's an experience you won’t get with the cheapest set available. KEM produces some of the highest quality cards, often used in poker tournaments. The Poker Arrow pack is made with cellulose acetate, making it extremely resistant, but also washable. In addition, the bioplastic used makes it sustainable, allowing you to play multiple games guilt-free.

Luxury Chips

One of the first purchases poker fans make is a set of chips. There are plenty of alternatives online, but a good player will notice quickly that the quality leaves something to be desired, unless you choose the right set. Ralph Lauren has created a gorgeous walnut wood box, containing four types of chips and a dealer token. If you want to go the extra mile, then Aerin Shagreen has an elegant box containing embossed poker chips and cards. A gift that would make anyone feel special.

Poker Movies and Books

During the late 1990s and 2000s, poker exploded in popularity. Tournaments of Texas Hold’em were broadcast on TV and movies featuring the game prominently, like Rounders and Casino Royale were released. As a result, many people started playing the game. If your friend or fiancée was one of them, then there’s no better present than the Casino Royale box set, as it comes with official poker chips and cards. You can also choose to get a copy of the novelization of Rounders. Both alternatives are a bit rare, but that would only make the present even more special.

Phil Ivey's Masterclass

If there’s something every poker player wants is to see an improvement in their game. Sure, there are plenty of books and videos offering the players tips on how to improve their strategy. But what if you could learn from the best? Phil Ivey is recognized as quite possibly the best poker player in history, having won 10 tournament bracelets, and he has started offering a masterclass. In it, he explains the techniques he used to beat some of the best players in the world, as well as how to calculate odds. A gift every poker fan would be grateful to receive.

Custom-Made Poker Table

There are multiple things you can do to make your regular home-based poker games more exciting, like adding classical music and drinks. But a well-placed poker table is definitely a game-changer.

Players can purchase a Gettysburg-style wooden table for different types of games, or order a custom-made poker table. This is probably the most exciting option, as it allows you to choose the number of players you can accommodate, as well as the level of cushioning and the type of fabric you will use.

Poker is a simple game that can be enjoyed with just a set of cards. For the frequent player, however, receiving a lesson from one of the best poker professionals of all time, or being able to open an elegant box set containing your chips every time you start a game, can change the experience forever.


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